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Along the Road


This is the road that leads from the main highway into the little beach town where I spend time each year.  I’m presently here for three months.  And this is one of the first things I see along the way:

It’s the “Jesus, Mary and Joseph” Authentic Mexican Kitchen Restaurant.  Heavenly food, I’m sure.



Cee’s Which Way Challenge, Sept 21, 2016

The way to go may not be perfectly clear, but the way not to go should be!





Signs of the Times

Cee’s challenge this week was for storefront signs.  Here are a few I’ve been saving for a special occasion that seem to fit as well as some I’ve very recently taken. Lately I’ve been lucking out on the prompts.  It seems as soon as I take a number of photos of a certain topic, the prompt the next day fits it to a “T.”  Thanks for reading my mind this time, Cee. These will look better if you click on them to enlarge them. The guy in the big snowdrift is my dad after the big snow of ’53.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge 2016 Week 3


This is a scene from a dry lake bed that stretches for many miles on either side of the road that leads from Ajijic to La Manzanilla.  During part of the year, the lake bed might be filled with water, although it is very shallow.  At other times, it is dry and frequent dust devils and small tornadoes raise the dust in twisting columns.  I’ve driven through it literally surrounded by dozens of these little twisters.  This sign, “Con Tolvanera, Encienda Sus Luces” means “During Dust Storms, Turn on Your Lights.”  I don’t know why the picture tickles my fancy, but it does.  So, it’s my oddball for today.


ABC’s of the Prairie

ABC’s of the Prairie



With little competition for attention, still, signs on the prairie need to be large to compete with the scale of endless flat land and full sky.

But when it comes to irony, nothing competes with this sign just a few miles outside the town I lived in.  Without a sign telling us so, how would we ever have guessed that we were in a mountain time zone? Our surroundings certainly belied this assertion!!