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Pencil Plant: Flower of the day, Aug 25, 2018


I have always known this plant as a pencil plant. Its scientific name is  Euphorbia Tirucalli. It is also known as a pencil cactus or milk brush, due to its white sap, but it is actually a succulent. I’ve never before seen one turn red as this one did. Click on photo to enlarge it.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Grass-Dwellers: Flower of the Day, Jul 16, 2018

Click any flower to enlarge all.

These gorgeous little flowers were growing by the road. The largest was no more than 3/4 inch wide. Those are grass spikes behind them, if you want to guage their size.  I’m holding the lower part of the stem so you can’t guage their size by my fingers as they are closer to the camera. My friend couldn’t understand what I was bending over and doing as I photographed them. Lovely miniature posies.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Frannie Bombs the Flower Shoot

I was trying so hard to photograph this Wandering Jew flowering on the wall ledge between my front and back yard, but Frannie kept jumping up to interfere.  Four times, she jumped up on the ledge and stuck her face between me and the plants I was trying to photograph, even following me into the dread back yard, where she drew the unfriendly attention of Morrie and Diego.  The back yard is a cat-free area, or so it is decreed to be by the dogs, so when she followed me back and jumped down from the wall, I had to rescue her.  Still again, she strayed into their turf, this time remaining on the wall.  This is the story, in photos.  Please click on the first photo to see the whole slide series enlarged. You can click through it as quickly as you wish by clicking on the right arrows:

For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge.