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R.I.P. Hibiscus. Really. The Very Last Shots

The last of this one, at least. Pasiano swept it away today, but not before I got these shots.

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For Cee’s FOTD

Eulogy for Hibiscus: FOTD Nov 26, 2018

Yesterday I said that it was the last photo of my welcome home hibiscus that I would post, but at the request of forgottenman, I am publishing two more stages of its life. This morning I went outside to find the flower fallen to the terrace floor, but when I opened its clasped fist, I found that forgottenman was right and there was still more beauty to display, so here is a medium shot of a hibiscus at rest and tomorrow will be the last two closeup shots.  R.I.P. hibiscus beauty.


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One of the things I gave thanks for today was this gorgeous new hibiscus growing right outside my kitchen door.  You can see its size in comparison to my hand. It will enlarge if you click on it:



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Hibiscus, Flower of the Day, Oct 13, 2018

IMG_2439I love the subtle blush of this not-yet-opened hibiscus..as well as the little window opened in the leaf by some hungry insect.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge.