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View from the Orchestra : Flower of the Day, June 24, 2017


The plants in the front garden have gotten so tall that it’s easier to view them from below than the top or the side.  This canopy includes napa palms and hibiscus.  A bit further on is a golden shower tree, royal poinciana, orchids and more palms and bougainvillea.

For Cee’s Flower Prompt.

Pistil Packin’ Mama––Hibiscus: Flower of the Day, June 23, 2017

The stamens and pistils of the hibiscus are a little flower all their own..or a surreal little tree growing up out of the middle. I had some fun fiddling with the brightness and color balance. Which do you prefer?

For Cee’s Flower Prompt.

Whatta Hibiscus! Flower of the Day, June 22, 2017


This one was huge.  It waited for me a few mornings ago, fully opened and perfect. Ah, nature.

See Cee’s flower HERE.

Drinking Beauty: Hibiscus, Flower of the Day, June 21, 2017


In the Shadows

Cold hibiscus tea (called jamaica) is very popular in Mexico. It’s also very good for lowering blood pressure. After suffering the effects of blood pressure medicine for seven months, I’ve chosen to regulate with diet, including oatmeal, green tea and jamaica and it seems to be working! I’m not sure if this hibiscus in my garden is a jamaica variety, but it is the right color for it.

Dried Jamaica flowers for tea. (Pronounced Huh my’ kuh, not like the country.)Jamaica tea.  I added green tea as well. It’s usually served cold in Mexico or as an ingredient in ponche, an alcoholic punch that packs a punch!


For Cee’s daily flower prompt.