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A Change of Season, Sunday Writing Prompt

This is a post from a few years ago, when it was still possible to travel to a place where there is a notable change of seasons. In my part of Mexico, the changes are not so observable. The hills get lush green in the rainy season and after 6 months or so, get a bit beiger each month until June, when the rain starts and they green up again. Things bloom year round, so otherwise, it’s hard to tell what season it is. For the past 19 years, my years have been broken into rainy season and non-rainy season. Keeps it simple.

For the Sunday Writing Prompt: Change of Season

Winterfall (#TheChangingSeasons)

To see the photos in order and read the story, click on the first photo and then on right arrows.

Ladies Who Paint

None of these ladies would formerly have identified themselves as painterly, but when three of them bid for a group art lesson at a local charity auction and invited the rest of us to attend the experience, we all had the chance to test our painterly acumen.  As you might notice below, originality was neither called for nor tolerated.  The nice lady at the far left directed our efforts, step by step, and the result was what you see far below.IMG_0974

Can you guess which three of these women are named Judy?  You’ll recognize Marilyn looking much more like herself than in the Scrub Daddy post.  The woman in yellow is my sister Patti, the tall pretty lady between them is my long time friend and college little sister, Patty. Marti, another best friend from college days onwards is next to our teacher and Jackie is in the horizontal stripes that bother my astigmatism no end.  I am the too-short haircut between Jackie and Marilyn (sorry, Audrey).

IMG_1003Ta da!!!  How many things can you find that we have in common in the photo?  Yes, I cheated and made my moon a blood moon and my stars bleeding stars.  I plan not to change my career plans as a result of this experience, but it was fun fun fun and I thank Marilyn, Patty and Patti for inviting us all.  Eight participants and only 4 names between the eight of us.  I once had three Pattys visit me at the same time. I find it a great boost to my ego that I didn’t get their names confused once.


From Denver to Cheyenne to Sheridan to Murdo to Sheridan again, for these past three weeks I’ve been in overdrive!  It has been wonderful, but it is about over.  If you’ve never driven through Wyoming and South Dakota, this is just a tiny bit of what you have missed. Today, back to Sheridan, Tuesday to Denver, Wednesday back to Mexico.

This has been a fabulous trip, but, yesterday I literally tripped and fell flat trying to take a photo in the middle of Main Street in my home town during its 100th birthday celebration––luckily after the parade!  So, twisted ankle, swollen knee, wrenched back.  Time to go back to a different home.  My camera broke, so few pictures of people were retrievable, but in a day or so, I’ll have some stories to tell.  Good news is, after two trips from the router guys who had to come 150 miles to do repairs, looks like my friend Mark’s motel has had its wifi  problems taken care of.

It has been 50 years that I’ve been coming to these 5 year all-school reunions.  In that time, the high school population has shrunk by half, down to 49 students, even though it has gone from being a town school to a county-wide school.  Lots of energy still left judging by last night’s alumni dance–the floor mainly populated by young families and cowboys and cowgirls. Still a good representation by my class of 1965, but that is a story for a day when I don’t have to pack and be in the car in minutes.   Bye, Murdo.  See you again in five years.

Please click on the first photo to enlarge them all and see the true magnitude of these prairie views.



Monkey See? Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge, 2016 Week 27

Monkey See, Monkey No See
IMG_1045Love this large sculpture on the street in Sheridan, Wyoming.  I could be kept busy for days photographing all of the public sculpture here.  This one, I think, qualifies as an oddball.



Streets of Sheridan

More images of Sheridan, Wyoming. A new baby buffalo in the elk and buffalo reserve, concerts in the park, more public sculptures, old buildings and signs mixed with new, an old theater where a drama festival takes place every summer and plays and music are staged throughout the year, interesting stores, restaurants and cowboys boots in size 0 to 15!!!