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Green Cuisine


Christine Goodnough knows me so well. When she issued this challenge, she probably knew I’d not only do her bidding, but exceed it.  Here is her challenge:

I enjoyed your poem very much. However, it did set my mind to whirling, especially the part about ugly words having a charm of their own. So here are a few…er…unique words. And since it’s April, they’re green. I challenge you to whip up a poem with three of them. 😉

poison ivy


Yes, of course I used not only three but all of them.  Overachievers never grow up, after all.

Green Cuisine

Since my parakeet moved to Greenland, green things are all he’ll eat,
so cuisine without much chlorophyll is sure to meet defeat.
He’ll eat poison ivy and rosemary and dill.
Basil with fettuccine is welcome in his bill.

But just plain yellow birdseed is a taste he’d never pick.
He prefers green tea ice cream even though he cannot lick.
His speed devouring veggies is the fastest I have seen
so long as I remember that those veggies must be GREEN!!


IMG_9642This nosy fellow perched on a palm frond to eavesdrop on our conversation as I sat in a palapa restaurant in La Manzanilla, Mexico.  Click on photo to enlarge.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Week 1 7/10/18

Click on any photo to enlarge all and see as slide series.

Cee gives us quite a bit to choose from today. Hope all of these things don’t need to be in one photo: geometry, bushes, window, brick, curtain, green, tan, wall, building, dark red, tree.
Some of the photos have many of the required components, all have some of them and all of the words are represented somewhere.  Hide and go seek!


Weaned Off Green: Color Your World, March 4, 2018


Weaned off Green


Green with envy, soylent green.
Green’s a color I find mean.
When mold takes over a machine,
you can bet that it is green.
Green clogs up locks and fouls my nose.
Leaves a nostril when it blows.
Green is such a rank beginner
that it cannot be a winner.
Green is nasty. Green takes hold.
The color of algae and mold.
It invades when you’re not looking.
Raids the fridge to ruin your cooking.
With other colors you can be friends,
from the beginning, or make amends.
But green is stubborn, nasty, greedy.
If green had eyes, they would be beady.
So if you’re looking for a hue
that will be good friends with you.
Pick yellow or aquamarine.
But I’d advise you don’t pick green!


Thanks to Lynda Early for the prompt of “green” given to me in our writer’s group for our 20 minute writing.  I seem to no longer be able to write without a prompt. 


For Jennifer’s Color Your World Challenge, Mar 4, 2018

Green Green

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Oops, I missed a few.  For more green, go HERE.