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Palm Tree: Sunday Trees, Mar 11, 2018

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I love this silhouette of the fruiting bundle on a palm tree in front of my open-ended garage.  It is the sight that greets me each time I drive into the garage and I finally got a photo of it.

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The Egret Tree: Sunday Trees 324 , Jan 28, 2018

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There is usually at least one of these mammoth trees with resident herons in every little village around the lake.  It can be a noisy proposition, especially if its inhabitants are night herons, but in this case, it is snowy egrets, another sort of heron, that inhabit Grandmother tree.  For close-up photos of egrets and chicks, go HERE.

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Zeroing in: Sunday Trees, Dec 31, 2017

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The canopy of this huge and very old tree covers the entire courtyard at the Lake Chapala Society, providing shade for the various gatherings that are held there. Last Sunday during Open Circle, when it was invaded by a flock of very noisy birds that appeared to be large parakeets or small parrots, I happened to look directly up and was captivated by this lovely bromeliad garden that had implanted itself on the branches.  The birds soon left. I think the bromeliads are permanent residents.

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