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Sunday Trees, Dec 9, 2018


This magnificent banyan tree was along the entry to a seaside hotel in Acapulco. Unfortunately, there was a lot of junk piled up next to it but here are the best shots I could manage.

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Sunday Trees, Oct. 14, 2018



Although this is a color photo, the world seems reduced to black and white by this snowstorm I awoke to yesterday. This is the first time I’ve experienced snow in 15 years or so. I had forgotten how hushed the world becomes in snow.  Sheridan, WY, Oct. 13, 2018. Below, a bit of color is returned to the scene.


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Sunday Trees 354, Aug 26, 2018

I loved this big stump I found at the hacienda in Guanajuato. It has so many stories to tell, from the rocks that have been soaked up in its growth to the patches of grass it has sprouted to the prettily arranged string caught up in its cragginess. It is like a mountain for ants, with all sorts of adventures in store for them.


For Becca’s Sunday Trees.