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Easter Morning Confession


Easter Morning Confession

“What’s all this hoopla over eggs
and animals with furry legs?”
My father chortled every year,
just loud enough for us to hear
while we lay scheming in our beds,
visions of rabbits in our heads
and candy eggs and chocolate,
wondering just where and what
we’d be hunting in the morning,
when, early and with no warning
we’d descend the long back stair
the earliest that we could dare
and set upon the living room
in the early morning gloom
to satiate that yearly lust.
We must have chocolate. We must!

Year after year, we slipped our gaskets
seeking to fill up our baskets.
Even now, that longing swells
when I hear those Easter bells.
So many years since I, a seedling,
commenced my yearly candy wheedling.

How many days, how many nights
did we anticipate delights 
well into our lower teens
of  Peeps and eggs and jelly beans.
and, best of all, that chocolate rabbit
became our yearly Easter habit.
Sitting regally on its ass
amidst the bright green Easter grass
in the baskets overflowing
with our coming and our going,
searching out that Easter stash
of candy, chocolate and cash.
A dollar hidden in one nest
was the very very best
find of the whole Easter season,
and in fact it was the reason
why Easter Sunday was the best—
our favorite of all the rest.

Later, to church, to sing and pray,
remembering just why this day
was celebrated, though I fear

that for us, year after year
there were more than one or two
kids sequestered in a pew
who were not thinking of the prayer,
but of layer upon layer
of goodies that awaited them
in baskets filled up to the brim.
For, though our hearts were pure and pious,
they could not dispel the bias
of a child’s rumbling gut
yearning for more chocolate!! 

The prompt today are egg, hoopla, seedling and longing. Here are the links:

Easter at Audrey’s

Audrey’s Easter bash included confetti Easter eggs (to be broken over the head of whomever was closest when you found it) hidden in her lush garden in addition to a personal egg for each attendee with his/her name written on it and five special eggs that earned prizes, music, a ham and scalloped potato buffet, birthday cake and plenty of wine in addition to  surprise Mariachis who serenaded us for 15 minutes before we started questioning each other regarding who had arranged for them and determined that no one had and that they were at the wrong party.  (In fact, when I call the number they gave for the “right” party it turns out it had been cancelled and that they just hadn’t received the message.)  No problem. We passed the hat and they were happy, as were we.  The birthday girl was as ecstatic over their rendition of the Mexican birthday song, “Las Mananitas” as she was over the birthday cake. All in all, a great party, great company, great music.  There are lots of pictures below, so please click on the first one and it will enlarge them all.  Click each arrow at the right of the screen to proceed through the photos.  To return to this page, click on the X on the upper left of the screen.

(Click on photos to enlarge.)