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A Walk in Summer Rain, FOTD June 27, 2021

I went out to the garden to try to find a flower to photograph for today’s FOTD prompt. A slight misty rain cooled the air and the almost constant precipitation over the past 24 hours had jeweled the leaves and flowers. As you will see from the photos below, I couldn’t stop.







The State of the Lot: FOTD, Oct 6, 2020

When I decided to clear the lot next to me that had been a repository of all of the junk and building debris of the neighborhood for the nineteen years I have lived here as well as many years before, I had no idea how much it would take to try to make a garden out of that lot. After six months which consisted of weeks of cutting the plants that had overtaken it, then 5 hours of bulldozing and leveling, then another week to put up a fence to repel further efforts to repel passing cows as well as those accustomed to dumping junk on it. Since then, we’ve moved plants from my own gardens and purchased different exotic grasses from a local vivero. A new  super weed-whacker has assisted Pasiano with his efforts to keep the grass at an acceptable level. Yolanda’s family’s efforts to grow a small field of corn in one corner was thwarted by moles and rats and squirrels, who promptly dug up all the corn that was planted. Well, most of it. Twelve plants remain. These pictures represent our efforts so far, which look feeble, but represent a lot of work and an accumulation of dreams which will, I hope, swell over the coming years.  Next will be a large arbor to furnish relief from the sun for Pasiano and a place to sit to observe the view.

As usual, click on photos to enlarge.

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Six on Saturday: Subtropical Garden Shots

I moved from Boulder Creek, California to San Juan Cosala, Mexico fourteen years ago, trading one beautiful spot on Earth for another one.

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It’s a Jungle Out There! FOTD June 9, 2020

I can’t believe how lush everything is right now, even before the rainy season. This is the view from my studio.

And here’s a closeup:

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And Owl Moved to Some Other Tree

I’ve been trying to find a place for this hardwood carving of my husband’s for 19 years! It just didn’t go in the doggie domain. It needed its own space. A couple of months ago, I went over the dark wood with a white wash, then painted and wiped or sanded off the claws, eyes and letters. I wanted it to look weathered and friendlier than the rich dark wood had looked. Then it sat in my studio. A month later, I drilled and screwed in screws and wire on the back to hang it from. But where to hang it? The pistachio tree next to my hammock already had a Soleri bell and a little painting of a prehispanic figure in the knothole. (Thanks, Jesus Lopez Vega.) Then as I was walking up to the house, I pulled at the trunk of one of the really tall palms and the wood just gave way in my hands. I peeled off a few of the leaf shafts still clinging to the tree and voila! A space just right for the carving. Today I found a big nail and hung it, sorta tucking it in to the frond shafts. Perfect. With the color, it sorta blends into the tree, but as you get closer, you can read the message, “And Owl Moved to Some Other Tree.” R.I.P. Bob. I hope you are watching.

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A Garden Walk with my Mother on her Birthday: FOTD Nov 16, 2019

Two of my favorite people share today as a birthday. One is Forgottenman, who has, I hope, already received his photo tributes via Jibjab, but now I’m thinking about my Mother, who would have been 110 today if she had lived.

Recently I read a letter where she mentioned how when I was a baby I used to pick the heads off flowers and bring them to her. Misguided then, as I still am now in some matters, I have nonetheless learned to leave the flowers where they grow. I took a little walk in my garden today, Mother, imagining you were here with me, seeking out the flowers that are less profuse now than they were a few months ago.

Winter comes to Mexico as well, and although it cuts a less-wide swath, our cold snap seems to have inhibited the hibiscus and even the poinsettias, that should be fully in bloom by now. This is what you would have seen if you had been able to take my walk with me. If you click on the first photo, all of the photos will enlarge and you can go through them as a slide series and also read their captions:





For Cee’s Flower of the Day prompt.

Tweaking the Backyard

A vine on the post supporting the terrace roof had grown so big that it totally blocked off access to the sidewalk from the terrace. Going down to turn off water to the pool, as a result, was a tricky and dangerous business, especially at night, when I had to step off onto an uneven area of dirt and plants.  I also had a whole set of lawn furniture I couldn’t use because the yard incline was too severe, the back legs sunk into the dirt, and I tipped over backwards when I sat down on them. Lastly, the junction of the two brick pathways had become a favorite digging site for the dogs.  Solution? A little brickwork and a few plants. 

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(This post was done at the request of Forgottenman, who has been dying to see what is going on.)