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Night-Blooming Cereus, Flower of the Day, July 12, 2018


This is a very special posting as this cactus indigenous to Arizona and the Sonaora desert blooms only once a year for one night.  As I was leaving Viva Mexico tonight with a young man I’d brought there to consult with Agustin–a very emotional event for us both, Tia Lupita, Agustin’s aunt,  came running out of the restaurant and up the block after us.  She put two of these blooms in my hand, telling me to put them in the refrigerator tonight and tomorrow night they would bloom fully.  They are so gorgeous now that I can’t imagine their improving overnight, but I have minded her, after taking these photos.

I have been waiting my whole life to see this flower which I have read about so often and it means so much to me that she sought to give them to me. How I love Mexico and the people in it! The bloom as pictured is about 6 inches across. Click on any photo to see all, enlarged, as a slide series.

Coincidentally, Cee also published a photo of an incredible cactus bloom. See her flower HERE.

Fallen Beauty: Flower of the Day, Apr 4, 2018


Copa de Oro


For Cee’s Flower of the Day prompt.

In the Mood: Flower of the Day, March 31, 2018



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Indian Shot Seed Pod: Flower of the Day, Mar 23, 2018

IMG_9025 3

I said earlier that I love every stage of this canna indica or Indian shot flower.  Here is the green seedpod stage, decorated with garlands from a visiting spider. jdb photo

For Cee’s Flower Challenge.