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Shifting Fortune


Shifting Fortune

Once we’re accustomed to being kissed,
life forms itself into a fist.

All things don’t go as they should.
There is no perfect neighborhood.

Fate twists and wiggles, turns upon us.
What seems good fortune just might con us.

The only thing that really controls us
is how we deal with what life doles us.

When days turn into what you hate,
do not sit and equivocate.

Do not make life one long debate.
Do not turn martyr.  Do not hate.

When others bluster and incite,
do not join their fruitless fight.

When misinformation’s at its height,
take a deep breath and choose insight.

It’s true some have more luck than others—
have more beauty, more faithful brothers.

The power you have is how you’re driven
to make use of what you’re given.

Be they tragedies or fortunes,
deal uniquely with what life apportions.


The word for the day way fortune!

Flight of Fortune


A little over a year ago, I wrote this post about an unfortunate fortune told me by a stranger.  Because I have so much left to do today before company arrives tomorrow, workmen here now, more coming tonight and a trip to Costco in Guadalajara to accomplish before that, I’m going to link to my former post and perhaps write one later tonight, after I finish painting.  Here is the link: https://judydykstrabrown.com/2015/12/10/flight-of-fortune/

I had forgotten writing it so perhaps even if you regularly read my blog, it will seem fresh to you, as well.  Merry Xmas–coming up fast.  So excited to see my friends tomorrow who will fly in from Wyoming and California.

The prompt word today was “fortune.”

Flight of Fortune

DSCF1303Flight of Fortune

Aisle seat in the third row–
a next door neighbor I do not know.
I put my seat belt on and then
look up to her all-knowing grin.
“May I tell your fortune?” is her request,
though it is not made at my behest.

A pastime really not my choosing,
still, with nothing more amusing
to pass the time, I give consent
and this is how our time is spent
in those first minutes of our flight,
until the ground is out of sight.

My fortune told, I sit and think,
ordering another drink,
pleased by some of her predictions
but finding others contradictions
to how I’ve planned my life to be.
I worry my fingers upon my knee.

Does she concoct or does she see
the lines that she relates to me?
Some things she mentions have happened, still,
I hope that others never will.
Yet I fear if I reject
the things she says, I might deflect
the good things so they’ll never be.
This is the choice that faces me.

Can the good that she foretold––
of feats accomplished and love and gold––
be accepted without the rest?
I want the warmly-feathered nest,
the stranger tall and dark and rich,
but I do not want all of her pitch.
The illness, sadness, loss of friends?
I don’t like how my fortune ends.

I press a coin into her hand,
take off my seat belt and quickly stand.
Perhaps if I just change my seat
and find a seatmate more discreet,
I’ll change my life as easily–
and react less queasily
to conversation that is not rife
with details of my future life!


Life Line:You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you? https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/life-line/


Because I’m on the road for the next five days, I am reprinting posts from this date two years ago. As soon as possible, i’ll be back to posting new posts!

(The prompt today was to write fortune cookie fortunes:)


A short dark stranger will enter your life and mow your lawn.

Your navy blue jumpsuit will never fit you again.

Your mother was right!

Your friends will all meet for dinner without you, but you will lose three pounds!

People always think that tattoo on your gums is a piece of spinach.

You have come undone.

Study up on the meaning of hand gestures before you use your next one

Your clothes do not send the message you think they do.

Your dog is a good actor. He really resents you.

Your children sometimes play Mexican Train without you.

Your friends think you cheat at cards, even though the fortune genie knows they are wrong.

Everyone wants to be you.

You want to be everyone else but yourself.

Your poetry does not really scan.

It will rain on your parade.

Someone in your neighborhood is waiting for your call.

You have a bad haircut.

Your parents lied. You have a younger brother named Dimitri who lives next to the grain elevator in Radisson, Iowa.

You are not as sexy as you think, but you are way sexier than your spouse thinks you are!

Confucius says go brush your teeth!

You often confuse work and pleasure.

Your gray sweater is unraveling at the elbow.

Your life will fall apart around you, but then new neighbors will rebuild, move in, and you will be the star of the neighborhood.

You will be the lone baby boomer who does not retire in Mexico.

Good news: your friends and family will throw you a surprise birthday party for your next birthday. Bad news: You will be surprised.