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Sun Rose: FOTD, Nov 23. 2020

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Yolanda tells me that the name for this little succulent flower in Mexico is “pistãnas de mi suegra” Which means “the eyelashes of my mother-in-law!”  Ha. Much more colorful than “sun rose.”  This bee doesn’t care what we call them, however.

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Baby Sun Roses–Tiny Beauties: Flower of the Day, Dec 6, 2019

IMG_4327 2

These baby sun roses are so tiny that they are easily overlooked.

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Sun Rose and Snail Shell: Flower of the Day, Aug 7,2018

When I went down to turn off the water intake for the pool, I found this abandoned snail shell. When I got in the steaming water, these two little sun roses had fallen off the succulent plant at the edge of the pool, or more likely been brushed off by the dogs.

To give you some idea of scale:




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Small Hidden Beauties: Flower of the Day, Aug 26, 2017


a stone, an aborted bud, a baby sun rose for a quiet still life scattered among the succulent leaves of this vine.

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Baby Sun Rose on Metate–Flower of the Day 10/29/15

Baby Sun Rose on Metate

Version 2

IMG_7185 (1)Version 3I love these ancient grinding stones of Mexico and have about a dozen of them scattered through my garden.  My plants crawl over them like jungle growth reclaiming the pyramids and other monuments of Mexico!