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Just One Sip (Cee’s Black and White Challenge)

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For Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Liquid Drinks, Hot or Cold.

Just One Sip

Just One Sip (Color Version)

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I messed up on this one big time.  First, after going through six years of photos on my Mac Photos file to make a list of these examples of hot or cold drinks,  I got them all entered in my blog and when I tried to remove one, I erased them all—losing a good hour of work it took me to locate them in my WP media file.  Then I decided to just enter them all again, since I had a list of them, and when I finished I realized that this was a black and white challenge.  Maybe I need to retire.  Anyway, back to the drawing board.  I’m going to go ahead and post this one and then go back and convert them all to black and white to enter into Cee’s challenge.

Twenty-seven minutes later: I’ve converted all the photos to black and white and reposted for Cee’s Black and White challenge, so if you are curious about how these would all look in black and white, HERE is the other version.