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Valuables: Saturday Stream of Consciousness Prompt

You need to click on these to see them well.. especially the first long skinny one. 


Somewhere I saw a daily prompt whose prompt today was photos of things that began with  “VAL.” I put my thinking cap on and came up with “Valuables,” so I took photos of my jewelry which, although not diamonds and gold, is valuable to me. Then, in typical “me” fashion, I could not find the prompt to link it to, so if this sounds familiar to you, please clue me in with a link?  Prayers answered.. muchas gracias, Sadje, for telling me the site of the prompt.!


This post is part of SoCS. Find the prompt HERE. link!!!!

Cornbread and Coffee


Bushboy asked us to post a photo of what we had for breakfast today. Last night my sister reminded me of a breakfast my mother used to make that was our favorite. It was corn bread or cornmeal muffins with Karo corn syrup. My sister had just made some for herself so I decided to do the same this morning. Only problem was the lack of corn syrup, so I made do with maple. Didn’t taste as good as my mother’s, though. Maybe I needed my sister’s company to enjoy it fully.
So what did you have for breakfast? 

For Bushboy’s Cafe at Home prompt.

What is the Prettiest Cookie in the World?

IMG_6837IMG_6838 2

I vote for Petit Ecolier European Biscuits. Beautiful little works of art and delicious!!! (Little Schoolboy Cookies)

What do you vote for? Take a photo and pingback to this post.  A cookie can be very good company.

Something to Pass the Time While in Isolation

Please look on you camera or in your photos folder on your computer or phone and publish the last picture you took to your blog page and then link it to the comments on this page of mine!  No explanations necessary. Be sure to publish a link to my blog post in your blog so others can see all the photos and play along.

Here is the last photo I took:

A friend sent me this request and it is such a good idea that I’m stealing their idea. Unfortunately, I can’t find their original message to me so can’t remember who they are to give them credit.

Altamira Oriole: Homebody #1, Jan 7 2020

IMG_8785 2.jpeg

Looking out the window, I viewed what I think was an altamira oriole.
Finally, a visitor to my hummingbird feeder. Every species welcome.


The Home Photo Challenge is to take one photo a day from around your home and to post it. Here’s my first post!