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Juguetes: Art Challenge #5

(Play Things)

I snapped the central picture of this retablo in the home of Rudolfo Moralez, a famous Oaxacan painter now deceased.  It was a very large doll, sitting in a nicho on the stairwell up to his studio. It had obviously been exposed to the elements and in fact was breaking open.  For years, I tried to think of an association to begin a retablo dedicated to this wonderful man, as well as to the image itself.  Finally, the image won out. Toys and elements of board games old and new surround her image. The blue rectangle with the silver star on it under the silver-leafed toy horse is a harmonica. That may give you some idea of the scale of the piece.

My friend Linda Levy challenged me to post a different photo of my art each day for ten days. I’ve skipped a few days thanks to a faulty memory, but here, at last, is day 5!!


Pick a Word, February, 2022


The five words for Pick a Word are: conserved, meandering, subdued, straight and systematized. We are to post a photo for one or more of these prompt words.

Bare or Booted? (For CFFC)

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I got a bit carried away with this one. I can’t believe, though, that I left out one picture, which I went back and added today. How could I have forgotten that I was married in hot pink suede cowboy boots??? I’ve now joined the hall of boot fame above.

For Cee’s CFFC: Bare Feet and Boots

Books and Paper, Paper and Books (for CFFC)

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And, if that isn’t enough paper for you, here are photos  and the story of the making of amate paper in San Pablito, Mexico:

In Search of the Maestros of Mexico: A Visit to a Hidden Village of Paper Artists

For Cee’s CFFC Challenge: Books and Paper