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Numbers and Letters


Cee’s prompt was to post photos of letters and numbers.  Letters were the easiest to come by, but there are a few numbers in there as well.  Click on photos to enlarge.


Four Feet Off the Ground

Malina Rose photo

Four Feet off the Ground

He loved her khaki overalls, her hiking boots and hat,
so altered his agenda to be where she was at.
He knew she was the girl for him, and though he’d never met her,
he knew at once he was in love and that he’d not forget her.
He tracked her to the lunch room, sneaking down the hall,
keeping so far behind she didn’t notice him at all.
He followed her to English class, then slipped into his own.
If it had been left up to him, she never would have known
the strength of his affection. Nor would she have met him.
She would have had no choice to remember or forget him.
From the start, he thought that she clearly walked on air
and one day without knowing it, he followed her up there.
She was two feet off the ground, and with him, it made four.
All across the campus, they were seen to soar.
But when she stopped abruptly, he simply could not miss her.
He forged ahead, bumped into her, and when she turned, he kissed her!
And though at first it seemed that she merely was astounded,
in time, they formed a pair and then they were more firmly grounded.


For Photo Challenge #269

“All Lined Up” Photo Challenge

All Lined Up

(Click on first photo to enlarge all.)

There seems to be so little we can control lately, but perhaps this challenge will help restore some vestige of order.  Send me your most inspired photos on the subject of  “All Lined Up” by putting a link to your blog post in comments below.

Be sure to see others who have published links to  their “All Lined Up” photos below in the Comments section:

Where Does the Wind Live?

Where Does the Wind Live?


                                             Behind the unfurled sails of sailboats


                                              In spaces between raindrops

Version 5

                                                                  In the arms of windmills


                                                                             Behind the Clouds


For Daily Inkling’s prompt: “The Wind and the Sail.”


Word Pie


Word Pie

I take them as a milestone, these long afternoon naps
that make my late nights possible by filling in the gaps
between compulsive writing sessions to meet the assignment
of all these daily prompt words coming to us by consignment!

Blogging’s become a nightmare that’s turned me slightly manic.
Prompts have me fully frustrated and in a mid-life panic.
(To be truthful, only “midlife” if one forty is my lifespan,
which, if I had my druthers, really would become my lifeplan!)

Prompts now come like a waterfall that’s turned on every morning.
I might have just ignored them if I’d only had a warning
that I’d become obsessive in using one and all.
(I have them in my bookmarks and must daily heed their call.)

That WordPress prompt now seems like poverty. One short month ago
we only had one daily prompt site where all of us would go.
Every day, we waited for it like the early morning sun,
but now we face a heat wave for there isn’t only one.

Ragtag and Fandango have become Daily Addictions—
not to mention other Word Prompts that demand our daily fictions.
Cee’s Share Your World still tempts us, as does that dVerse Poet.
We could have stuck to only them. Alas, we did not know it!

Now we are all scrambling to fill  all their demands.
It keeps our poor brains busy, not to mention how our hands
cramp up from all this typing as our lives all go awry
as we all line up to get each daily slice of prompt site pie!

This poem is an attempt to meet all of the below prompts..Ooops, sorry “Heatwave,” I slipped a photo prompt in without realizing it.






Share Your World – June 25, 2018




New Old Roof


The men have been busy for the last month repairing my domes, roof tiles and skylightdome.

Click on any photo to enlarge all.

Here is the link for the roof challenge: https://beckybofwinchester.com/2018/06/02/june-roof-square-2/