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What does the U.S. Congress have in common with head lice?

I know we are all sick of politics, but this informed address to the U.S. Congress by Nick Tomboulides is worth listening to!

Nick Tomboulides is one of America’s leading experts on term limits. After serving as Florida Director of U.S. Term Limits, Nick became Executive Director of the organization in 2013.

He serves as editor of the Term Limits National Blog at www.termlimits.org, and his writing has been featured in the Daily Signal, USA Today, the Orlando Sentinel and other top publications. He is also a policy advisor for The Heartland Institute.

Under his leadership, USTL has expanded its grassroots network to a record high and won campaigns at a 98 percent clip. In 2015, Nick directed USTL’s launch of the Term Limits Convention, a campaign of the states to obtain a congressional term limits amendment via the Article V convention.