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Governor of Jalisco’s Statement re/ Coronavirus. Compare to our President!!!


Governor of Jalisco, Ernesto Alfaro Ramirez, just released this statement:

“Today is the day with the most deaths by #COVID19 in the country and also with more infections detected by #RadarJalisco in our state.
In a single day 424 deaths in Mexico and 98 new infections in Jalisco. Nothing else here already add up to 95 human losses to regret since the pandemic started. That’s the reality.
Hopefully it will serve to understand that this is not over yet and that we don’t have to wait for it to happen to ours to react. This is a race of endurance and getting well waged depends on everyone and everyone.
The fight against the pandemic is not a responsibility of the government, but for the social behavior and co-responsibility of the people.
Today marks 15 days of the past bridge (holiday weekend) for May 5th and just nine days since Mothers Day. It’s no coincidence. It is the consequences of those who left home without having to, of those who decided to hold get-togethers and put their most loved ones at risk.
#StayHome. Every one who decides to go out on the street without strictly necessity, you are putting yourself, your loved ones and others at risk. If we do it right, we move forward; if we do it wrong, economic reactivation will be slower and we will have more deaths to regret.”

This is how an educated and empathetic leader speaks. how embarrassing to compare it to POTUS!!!!

This Vicious Buffoon Is a Vessel for All the Worst Elements of the American Condition

This essay by Y  is one of the most well-written and to-the-point articles that I’ve seen regarding the travesty of Donald Trump’s presidency. Do not pass it over!!!!


Senator Kennedy Chides Acting Dept. of Homeland Security Sec. for his Lack of Info. on Coronavirus


Sold Out!!!


Sold Out!!!

Mirth has died and joy has vanished. Gone without a trace.
No laughter heard around us. A smile on no face.
So many fishy happenings. So many baited hooks
as all the crooked happenings once reserved for books
invade our lovely simple lives, making them complex.
First rated by our English, then rated by our sex,
we kowtow to the bullies and hide away our shame,
saying all the others are the ones to blame.


This man sat in front of me in the iPhone class I took yesterday. He’s riding a Harley and that’s a pistol tucked into his belt and some sort of rifle in his hand.The presidential crest on his bike and chest. Words fail me.

Prompt words today are English, bait, lovely and mirth.

Letter from the People of America

Photo by Louis Velazquez on Unsplash. Used with permission.

Dear Elected Representatives:
(A Letter from the People of America)

We ventilate our dwellings of many different kinds,
but may not have the sense to ventilate our minds.
Perhaps we fear we’d stir up something that has died—
some milk of human kindness that’s buried deep inside.

As kids sit scared in cages and countless forests burn,
you think you’re given license to hoard all that you earn,
protecting it from others who have need of it,
flailing around in luxuries of your money pit.

Yachts and cars and mansions should not buy peace of mind
when they leave our planet in a lethal bind.
Our plastic world is flailing. It chokes on its excess.
How can you turn your backs on its extreme duress?

We elect our rulers. They are not born to reign.
In return we must demand that they share our pain
and do not profit by it with cash for legislation
leading to their betterment and our consternation.

Look at where we’re going and look at where we’ve been.
Open up your minds. Let truth and justice in.
During your term of office who’s advanced as far as you have?
It seems the teeming masses did not profit as a few have.

We’re taking back our government, abolishing each clause
that gives you the entitlement to profit from the laws
you enact for self-interest. It’s time that you were outed
and all who vote against our interests were routed.

You defend bad judgement, support your corrupt clown.
Now all who stand behind him must also be brought down.
You overlook the obvious for motives all your own.
You’ve opened up the cage and the dove of peace has flown,

stalked by a bald eagle who feeds on those for whom
it should serve as symbol of something else but doom.
We must bring back our liberty, nobility and pride.
Resuscitate a country that many fear has died.

The truth is there before you, so open up your minds
to see there’s a solution for our present binds.
If you refuse to topple that one on whom you dote,
we’ll topple you one after one–when we go to vote!!


Prompt words today are ventilate, scared, stir, licence and earn.

Will It Do Us Any Good to Vote????

Now that financial giants in the U.S. have staged a coup of our government, what will it take to escape this stranglehold if we can’t even count on being able to vote them out? Please read THIS NEWSWEEK REPORT about Mitch McConnell blocking voting machine reform after receiving campaign contributions from several different voting machine lobbyists. And, the likelihood that Russia has plans to affect voting machines during the next election. First the powers of free speech taken away re/ scientists being able to report on the climate crisis and protesters being able to protest the pipelines, now our right to a fair election challenged? What is it going to take for the majority to act????

We Have Met the Enemy, and It Is Us

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 10.15.32 AM

We Have Met the Enemy, and It Is Us

Three years of fear and loathing? The world has turned surreal.
News programs sanctify our fear, our horrors the real deal.
A man once enigmatic tweets himself too clearly.
Those truths that we held evident and came to hold most dearly
were fictions in our history books. Our empire’s like the others––
built upon the backs and bones of those we call our brothers.
Who is guilty of these sins? We all are, one by one
for watching TV movies and not the smoking gun.
Our leaders, all fine actors, draw their princely wages
While madmen fire on schools, it’s children we put in cages.
America, unite as one and see the truth about you.
See what the whole world now sees that causes them to doubt you.
If you hold religion as your reason to support
this man who isn’t really all that he might purport,
what religion really is, please take the time to see:
“What you do to the least of my children, you have done to me.”
Whatever else might profit you, this is the bottom line.
God’s children aren’t all born within the borders you define.
“Give me your tired and weary, your yearning to be free.”
Must we scrape these words off the statue of Liberty?
Open your eyes. We are no longer saviors of all.
Perhaps we never were. We turn our backs and build a wall.


Prompt words today are fear, surreal, sanctify, enigmatic and program.

What does the U.S. Congress have in common with head lice?

I know we are all sick of politics, but this informed address to the U.S. Congress by Nick Tomboulides is worth listening to!

Nick Tomboulides is one of America’s leading experts on term limits. After serving as Florida Director of U.S. Term Limits, Nick became Executive Director of the organization in 2013.

He serves as editor of the Term Limits National Blog at www.termlimits.org, and his writing has been featured in the Daily Signal, USA Today, the Orlando Sentinel and other top publications. He is also a policy advisor for The Heartland Institute.

Under his leadership, USTL has expanded its grassroots network to a record high and won campaigns at a 98 percent clip. In 2015, Nick directed USTL’s launch of the Term Limits Convention, a campaign of the states to obtain a congressional term limits amendment via the Article V convention.

Scary Stuff

I had heard years ago about the quickly shrinking Ogallala Aquifer, but there is much more that is equally as scary here.  Hard as it is to face, we should all be aware of it and vote accordingly!!!