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En Mass Transit

En Mass Transit

Traffic comes and traffic goes,
but where they all go, no one knows.
They gun their engine, shift a gear
to be anywhere but here.
North goes south and south goes north,
driving, driving back and forth.
Wearing tires out, burning gas,
changing where they are en masse.
In New York, Paris, Pittsburg, Rome,
Nobody seems to just stay home!


The Word of the Day Prompt today is traffic.,

Early Bird

Early Bird

The party got much better right after you walked out.
You would have really liked it, I can say without a doubt.
The cornucopia of desserts you brought was a definite hit,
but as we enjoyed its bounty, we wished you hadn’t split.

The baby took his first step and Grandma came alive
as though for this Thanksgiving, her memory she’d revive.
Cousin Shirley was a panic and the kids performed a play—
the whole family there to see it (if you had chosen to stay.)

So, the freeway was in gridlock from five o’clock to eight?
Negotiating lane changes was hurry up and wait?
By the time the party ended, traffic was flowing freely.
Uncle Arthur breezed right by us in his classic Austin Healey!

Everyone got home okay. We were in bed by nine—
about the same time you got home from waiting in that line.
Hearing old family stories may not be your favorite thing,
but versus overheated engines, they have a certain zing.

Splitting out on family may not be a  crime,
but did leaving three hours early save you any time?
When you’re in the biggest hurry, you’re  most frequently delayed.

You might have gotten home faster if only you had stayed!


Word prompts today are cornucopia, hurry, negotiate and delayed. Here are the links:


Cees Odd Ball Photo Challenge 2015, Week 14

DSC00053DSC00078   DSC00054DSC00055

If you live near the beach or in a lake resort area as I do, the lines of traffic during Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Mexico cause most of us to just stay home.  But I had a reading I had to go to, so this is what I saw during the 45 minutes it took to negotiate a distance that usually takes 15 minutes. First, the small part that I could see of the miles-long bumper-to-bumper traffic.  Someone in the car in front of me was playing intriguing finger-games similar to shadow puppets with no shadow, and local roadside merchants capitalized on the slow traffic with goods perfect for a hot mineral baths area. Meanwhile, the people in the car behind me could not figure out what in the heck I was doing snapping pictures every few seconds.  You’ll no doubt see some of the others in the months to come.  How photography fills in the otherwise boring hours!!Se