Addendum to NaPoWriMo Day 9 Post: I’ll Leave the Light On

For our day 9 post, we were to post a poem that incorporated at least 5 song titles.  I incorporated more and offered a prize for the person who could find the most and promised to publish the solution later.  Well, I failed to do that but I am remedying it today.  Below is the poem with song titles in boldface.  If you count them, you will see there are 50!!! 

The winner was “forgottenman,” who didn’t find all of them but found more than most.  He says no fair to use one-word titles, but I wrote the poem and I make the rules.  You won anyway, Forgottenman!  (See his blog at

I’ll Leave the Light On

This is a world for the knowing,
and everybody knows
that if we would try just a little bit harder
that we wouldn’t feel so trapped.
yet still we cry baby, cry.

You think he’s gonna carry you home
to China?
It’s not like that, darlin’.
It’s more likely
that you’re walkin’ blind.
You will be two marionettes
on the Twickeham Ferry.

Where can I go?
you ask,
a woman left lonely
in winter.

What you gonna do––
let your wedding dress
carry you home
to the cold mountains?

Run, baby, run.
Let the black ladder
be your museum of flight.
At heart you were always
a circus girl,
that woman on the tier
far above desolation row.

When were you happy?
I know you keep me in your heart,
the one who loves you the most.
I am in your mind,
in the wind.
The memory of me
is better than love.

This is a call
a broken man’s lament.
I hope it will
carry you home.
Walk away, Renée.
Walk away

You’ll accompany me.
We can take the long way home


(There are 50 song titles.  If you came up one short,  Cry Baby and Cry are two separate titles)

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