A Bio Challenge

The Prompt: Flash Talk—You’re about to enter a room full of strangers, where you will have exactly four minutes to tell a story that would convey who you really are. What’s your story?

A Bio Challenge

My name is Judy. I live alone.
I love computers but hate the phone.
I’m addicted to the Internet
and the literary set.

I’m allergic to dogs. They make me wheeze,
but I still have two to make me sneeze.
(Along with a cat who comes to eat
but spends the day across the street.)

I like to write and do my art.
I’m not very pretty, but I’m sorta smart.
I live on a mountain all up and down
above a little Mexican town.

When I wake up, before I stray,
I write a poem every day.
Upon my back, I tap with zest
with my computer on my chest,

for I believe without a doubt
that when I move, ideas fall out
before I get them to the screen.
If I leave bed, they’re never seen.

I dance sometimes, and volunteer,
but spend too much time on my rear.
I’m a member of four writing groups
that keep me jumping through their hoops.

I write a blog to please myself
but my novel sits there on the shelf,
three chapters long, not any more.
When November comes, I’ll start on four!

So about me, I think I’m through.
I want to come read about you!
Please use my “comments” box to show
some things about you I don’t know.

One fact or two, (they needn’t rhyme)
would make me feel more than sublime.
If sixty people read this post,
then sixty comments I hope to boast.

And I promise that I’ll reply to
each person, be there lots or few.
I’ll write a separate rhyme for each
that won’t pontificate or preach.

The more unusual your fact,
the odder with be my “react.”
A mere two-liner for each one—
Please comment now and join the fun!

25 thoughts on “A Bio Challenge

  1. Lew-Ellyn Hughes

    “…for I believe without a doubt
    that when I move, ideas fall out”
    I love this line. It’s so true. I walk a lot, sometimes in search of the perfect word for a piece I’m writing. I always find it out there.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      For Patti:

      Your secrets, dear, I cannot guess.
      Unless you offer, I do not press.
      I, too, have many I don’t express.
      Less interesting, I confess,
      as I grow aged (more or less)
      and find my life less of a stress.
      For good gossip, we must regress
      to when life was more of a mess!


  2. lifelessons Post author

    For Ripplesnreflections

    Enjoyed your poem. Here is my promised poem in response:

    For looking at my private parts,
    I prefer doctors who have hearts.
    But I fear we’ll never see that day.
    I simply live too far away!


  3. Martha Kennedy

    when it comes to me today, I just don’t have much to say. My life’s in flux and all around, dogs are lying upon the ground. When I finally get moved I then might know, things of myself that now don’t show. Like what I do in a normal day, but I’m afraid that is a month away.


  4. lifelessons Post author

    To Martha:

    I know that you’re up to your ears.
    Meanwhile, your life is in arrears.
    I know what moving’s all about.
    If I lived closer, I’d help you out!!

    In the meantime, take it slow and remember it all doesn’t have to be done at once. Remember to enjoy life in between and even during tasks. Keep writing! (Now don’t I sound like a know-it-all?)


  5. okcforgottenman

    To share my secrets, share a rhyme?
    What don’t you know, and is it time?
    I hesitate. I bob and duck.
    To dodge the question, I’ll try my luck
    at metered mutters, my stock in trade
    to keep myself from being splayed.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      For The Duck: (okcforgottenman)

      I keep your secrets in a stack.
      Next to my desk, they softly quack
      wanting to reveal it all;
      but fear not, I have not the gall
      to air your dirty linen here
      or in my book, so have no fear.
      For if thy secrets were fully known,
      I fear that some would be my own!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. lifelessons Post author

    Grandma to nine? It’s no surprise
    your novel’s not yet fit for eyes.
    To get that novel off the shelf,
    you have to make time for yourself.

    See how easy it is for me
    to give advice to only thee
    while letting my own novel be?


  7. Laura M.

    I thought I’d have so much to say
    after about three weeks away
    but it looks as though the airline lost
    my voice and not my attaché.

    I hope that sitting in my own space
    with room to let my own mind race
    will help stir up a few choice words
    that will then fall right into place.

    (Thanks for the impromptu prompt, Judy! I found myself needing a little nudge today.)


  8. lifelessons Post author

    To Laura M:

    (Love your poem. Obviously, nudges work, so here’s another.)

    While you’ve been flying off to play,
    words have collected every day.
    They clog the air and float each room
    of your house as empty as a tomb.
    When you get back to hearth and lair,
    you’ll find them waiting for you there.
    So hope you soon find time for them.
    You need not find a rhyme for them.
    I’m sure you’ll know which ones to keep
    and which of them to bury deep
    within your mind to germinate
    knowing when they terminate
    transformed to fruit within the rind,
    the luscious fruit of your fine mind,
    that here a readership you’ll find!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Why did I rob you of your rhyme?
      I guess I just ran out of time.
      Three years have passed before I see
      these lapses in my poesy.
      Please forgive my oversight.
      as these tardy words take flight
      to find you in your Eastern zone.
      I hope that they somehow atone.


  9. lifelessons Post author

    You faced confusion to pen a rhyme
    yet I have waited all this time
    and feel that I have missed my cue
    to pay the one that I owe you.
    It’s been a while since you have chatted––
    signed in, typed words and formatted.
    The reason is, I think I know,
    because you’re writing now for dough!!!


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