Brief Admission

The Prompt: We all have that one eccentric relative who always says and does the strangest things. In your family, who’s that person, and what is it that earned him/her that reputation?

Brief Admission

It’s true that I’ve been withdrawn since the day that I was born.
So I don’t write about myself. I do not toot my horn.
And that is why my post today will be unusually short.
My natural loquaciousness I will have to abort.
The one who does the strangest things within my family?
I cannot talk about because I fear that person’s me!!!!

 Judy’s note:  This is the first day of our writing retreat.  Looking forward to it!  Ten women, a palapa on the beach in a country that produces all of the tequila in the world! What could go wrong????

6 thoughts on “Brief Admission

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  2. kellyshaw2001

    Oh my word! Well, Judy, I think we know its not my problem. Though having said that, my Uncle takes the biscuit for eccentric, and I’ll post soon, but its long! Even so, if you get through it I’ll promise you laughter, and maybe a tear. I was the greatest kid who ever lived, the funniest kid whoever laughed at his own jokes, and quickest boy whoever ran before the rarest of winds. My horn gets tooted every day! 🙂



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