Odd Little Saturday Morning Poem

Odd Little Saturday Morning Poem

I lie in bed, flat on my back, head raised by pillows,
computer raised to eye level
by a wadded comforter over bent knees.
I listen to raised voices in the village down below,
the staccato of an inadequately mufflered car revving up,
a hammer falling on wood, birds in the coco  palms.
A pianissimo chorus of dogs spread
over the surrounding hills swells to a frenzied crescendo,
then falls silent but will swell again.

I have dropped obligations
like clothes shed for a lover.
My Saturday morning pool aerobics and zumba,
I slipped out of years ago.
Group luncheons hang from doorknobs and chair backs.
Committee meetings lie sloppily abandoned in the hall.

I have retired from the running of the world
to run my own small universe on paper.
Saturday morning is my brainstorm session
with “Me,” “Myself” and “I.”
“I” suggested feeding the dogs,
but they are quiet now, so
“Me” suggested we let them lie.
“Myself” laid out some words to dry
in the heat of the fire of our communal
inspiration, laying them smoothly on the page,
rumpling up others in her fist to send them sailing
to join the crumpled singles event invitations in the corner.

This slow Saturday morning dressing of pages
and stripping them bare
is a sort of ceremony celebrating seizing time
and making it my own.
Pages  fill up with passion, angst, anger,
irritation, joy, laughter, camaraderie.
There is more than one word for each.

Imagine such control over your world–
not having to live the world of any other.
If you could have any life you wish?
Imagine a Saturday morning  building it.


The Prompt:  Me Time–What do you like to do on Saturday morning?  Are you doing it now?

17 thoughts on “Odd Little Saturday Morning Poem

  1. Tamara

    Checked in on my Facebook friends. Wrote some comments and erased them. Dealing with mixed emotions on my current relationship. And now….packing some more boxes to move into my new house. I’m happy that I will have a home to mold into my lifestyle. It’s the one thing that makes packing up and moving AGAIN less daunting. And if the rain holds off, I’ll go for a nice walk in the woods with my dogs later!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Tamara–So exciting to move into a new home. Don’t know if I’d have the energy at this point. I can’t even seem to sort out and rid myself of excesses in this one. Going to your facebook to see if you’ve posted pics.


  2. mandy smith

    One glance at your poem on the computer screen is like looking at a work of art. The words, too. Any life wish? Me in control? I just wrote a post about wishes . . . I have to keep it simple these days. I’d wish for sun, since where I live I’m certainly lacking!

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  4. Anton Wills-Eve

    As always, Judy, your command of language, breadth of vocabulary and range of immagination assured your readers of an enjoyable experience.But what I admired most was the way you stuck to the prompt while allowing your mind to so obviously have a relaxing good time indulging in its favourite pastime, that of playing verbal solitaire to rules you make up as you go along! Am right?
    I also answered this prompt on my tablet in bed half way through the night, about midnight chez toi 🙂 Cheers. Anton

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      You are right. That’s why I like to write first thing in the morning. I have less control of my own mind on a conscious level and I’m more willing to follow it on its half-conscious, half-subconscious rambles. It is like reading my own mind. Surprises and adventures. I always appreciate your generous comments, Anton–Judy

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  5. Allenda Moriarty

    Ah, I can see and hear it all so clearly. Judy, I love the way you capture life so honestly. I am enjoying your read still in my pajamas at 11:16. Actually, I never even got out of them yesterday. Enjoying the sunshine streaming into the house. Tony made a run to Publix for some phyllo dough for me, and I’m going to make a dry run recipe of some cheese and caramelized onion puffs for a little road test. Wish you could be here to give me your honest opinion. If they are 1/2 as good as your writing, I will be thrilled.

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  6. maspring37

    As I wrote to another blogger , you also paint pictures with words. I’m laying here , six o’clock in the morning, iPad in hand and wishing I could write so vividly. Love “dropped obligations like clothes shed for a lover”

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  7. lifelessons Post author

    Thanks for such generous words, maspring. I had forgotten about this odd little Saturday morning poem. It’s fun to come back and read your own work as though someone else has written it and to think, “Yes, I agree with her! Then realize you are agreeing with yourself. I do appreciate your reading and commenting. Judy


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