Different Thanks: JNW’s Prompt Generator

 Different Thanks


                                                      Family Thanks Giving

Three dogs, paws up on the gate to the garage whenever I get home. The little one leaps up and down like some ballerina at the bar, the biggest with his irritating barks–loud and harsh and insistent—for whatever reason, be it mom’s arrival home or a dog who dares to pass by in the street. All of them escorting me to the door, attempting to help me with my bags and bundles.

The big dog sneaking into my room at night when she thinks I haven’t noticed. Wanting to be even closer than within eye-shot down the hall, she sleeps on the cold floor in lieu of her warm padded bed, perhaps because she wants to remind me that although the second dog is cleverer and handsomer and the newest dog is the littlest and most pleasant to have jump up on the bed with me, she was the very first and has known me for the longest. She has put up with intruders—both these two canine upstarts and the one human one who entered my house and stole my house guest’s laptop years ago when she was my one and only!

And although I am allergic to them, I wash off the licks of thanks that Morrie gives for a few cuddles on the bed before he sinks down to the foot to curl at a more hypoallergenic distance. Wash off my hands and arms after I’ve pulled off clumps of Frida’s thick undercoat. Dress the wounds that Diego’s claws have left on my legs and arms when he just can’t resist jumping up for closer contact. All of these wounds and welts and sneezes and wheezes just the aftermath of the constant thanks these kids adopted from the streets offer every day, as often as I will allow them.


6 thoughts on “Different Thanks: JNW’s Prompt Generator

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    The things we put up with for our furry friends 😀 I admit, soon as I saw the prompt, I thought of Bonnie, then Morrie … then JABBERWOCKY.

    Bonnie has been rolling in something outside, but ohmygod-she-stinks. I believe as far as she is concerned, she has achieved the perfect “odeur de parfum” for which she has long sought. We look at her and say “You smell HORRIBLE” and she just smiles. White teeth. Very black dog.

    We do not sleep with dogs. Or cats. It’s a decision we made years ago when the dogs outnumbered us 2.5 to one. They get the sofas, their own beds, the rugs. We get our bed. It’s a dog’s life. They get a bit huffy if we stay up too late because we are supposed to get out of the way when they want to use the facilities, aka the love seat 🙂

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I don’t sleep with them either, but if I forget to shut the door, Frida will sneak in after she thinks I’m asleep or too intent on whatever I’m doing on the computer to notice. I’ve made a decision that I have to add on a little room between the entrance hall ( which is also the back door hall) and my room to house Morrie and Diego’s cages. I can barely get by them in the hall, but Diego is accustomed to his cage and the only way I can safely house Morrie in the house once I reclaim the guest bedroom I’ve removed all the furniture from is in a cage. If I put it next to Diego, she trots right into it at night. So, an extra little room very near where they now are but which frees the hall for traffic. I’ll take pictures. At least I don’t have to send them to college!



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