Doggie Palace 3 (Hereafter to be known as Doggie Domain!)

Well, the walls are 1/2 up and it is laughable how tiny this room is for all the hoopla that has gone on.  I’m showing pictures of the week’s work below. I must say, they do things right in Mexico.  These men have been working so hard with only one break a day and are so professional and precise.  Here is their work in pictures so far:
IMG_6531I was surprised when they started chipping away at my stone patio.  Little did I know!

IMG_6571A day later, they were waist deep.  This little room will probably be standing when the rest of the house is rubble.  Long after I’m rubble, hopefully.

IMG_6589I heard a truck drive up and went out to see what new was happening in my neighborhood.  Oh!

IMG_6597Soon, men were walking by with those big stones on their shoulders. They weren’t interested in using my wheelbarrow.
IMG_6681And in the street, they were mixing up concrete. IMG_6690Which this poor guy carried back two buckets at a time!!!

IMG_6694To fill in the spaces they’d just chipped out with a pick axes and mortar and chisel!  IMG_6700Father and son decided to look busy when I asked if I could take a picture.  This doesn’t look too staged, does it? Note those nice new foundations which we all know go down at least a meter deep into the earth! Chino tells me that they construct their own castillos because the welded ones don’t flex in case of earthquake.  These are wired together so they can move a bit and the structure doesn’t crumble during tremors.IMG_6701We have walls!!  Well, the beginning of walls.IMG_6705The only injury so far was my toe–cut on a shard of rebar. Some alcohol, Neosporin and a bandaid corrected most of the damage. A pedicure will take care of the rest.

IMG_6710Morrie inspecting his new domain.  The minute the men left for their lunch break, he must have gone in to stake his claim.  You’ll see his addition in the dirt in front of him. I removed it! Trust Morrie to wreak a little mayhem even before the walls are fully up.

IMG_6716All in all, now that I see the size of this new room, Doggie Palace seems a bit excessive, so I have altered its name to Doggie Domain.

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18 thoughts on “Doggie Palace 3 (Hereafter to be known as Doggie Domain!)

        1. lifelessons Post author

          If it is any consolation, Pekebun, it is really really small! Don’t want to be the cause of any resentment between you and Morrie! And I am absolutely sure that you wouldn’t like their diet!!!


  1. Allenda Moriarty

    Will it have a little gate to fence them in? Is there a need to restrict them from the yard? Morrie looks so adorable. I’m sure Pabu would love him. I am not going to show her the pic of the new doggie domain, or she will be jealous. She is sitting on the couch beside me now, now pressed up against me, I think trying to sneak a peek.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I just found the pool floats you left for me! Yolanda had hidden them on a high shelf in the laundry room. I got them out and was just floating on one in the pool after I finished my exercises. Duckie had just sent me the first episode of a very strange show–“River.” It is Danish or Swedish, I believe. Very good.


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