“Prize” has a double meaning—a valuable thing won and to pry away.  My most “prized” possession meets both definitions.  As the last possession purchased by my husband and me together, it was the culmination of 14 years of doing arts and crafts shows, traveling cross-country and working long hours making the art we both loved.  It was also the culmination of our mothers’ lives, since they both passed away in the months before we bought it and it was money we inherited from them that helped us to buy it.

The second meaning of the word came when my husband died before we could move into it.  In this way, our home was “prized” away from him much as he was “prized” away from me and our future together.

In the final months of his life, both Bob and I poured all of our future dreams into the house.  Because I was the only one of us to actually live that dream, it has been important to me to fill it with all of the beauty that he helped to bring out in me.  It feels like an ongoing collage to me, which is why it is important to try to make everything I put into it comfortable, welcoming and beautiful.  The newest addition, the doggy domain, is a part of that.


DSCF3575Bob and I bought these male and female terracotta pre-columbian replica sculptures the day we bought the house.  We put them in storage when we went to the states to have our moving sale and load up the van for our trip down to move into our new house.  I took them out of storage when I moved down alone and they were the first thing of beauty that I put into the house.Version 2

prize 1 (prīz) n. 1. Something offered or won as an award for superiority or victory, as in a contest or competition. 2. Something worth striving for;
prize. 2: to extract, detach, or open with difficulty

(In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pride and Joy.” What’s your most prized possession?)

15 thoughts on “Prized

  1. ann garcia

    an absolute dream-home and I love your idea of “ongoing collage” and “doggy domaine.” And I like it that you are fulfilling Bob’s dreams as well as your own. Gorgeous color for the casa!


  2. Dreamer of Dreams

    Stunningly beautiful. Your home looks warm, inviting, full of love and beauty. I think you are remembering and celebrating your love for your husband and his for you in the most joyful way as you possibly could. (And I am, as ever, so deeply sorry he’s not physically present there — and yet, in a way those lovely works of art you both loved serve as a physical reminder of him, so He IS there.)

    Liked by 1 person


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