Sport Retort

Sport Retort


When faced with talk of games and sport,
I seldom have cause to retort.
For dribbling, sparring, touching  down
raise no emotions but a frown.
The games I play are just of mind
Less physically taxing and more kind.

Using tongues and brains to spar,
I am more likely  under par
than when I hit a pock-marked ball
off of the course to hit a wall,
bounce off and into someone’s car
to be transported to regions far.

I have not thought to scream out, “Fore!”
My terminology’s as poor,
I fear, as my coordination,
I will not, ever, stun the nation
with my prowess with balls or bats,
parallel bars, hurdles or mats.

Likewise, I have no interest in
watching others skate and spin,
touch balls down or thrust a fist.
When it comes to sports, I must insist
when the tube depicts each bout,
I am forgiven for running out!!!


(Thanks for the loan of the golf balls, Jan!)

The Prompt:  Are you a sports fan? If not, tell us why.

17 thoughts on “Sport Retort

  1. Pat Gentilini Warrick

    You are definitely not just par when using tongues and brains. I am so happy I found your blog. I look forward to every day’s entry. Have a great Christmas with your sis. Tell everyone hi.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I’m sitting here with Patti now. It warms my heart that you’ve found and read my blog, Pat. I always look forward to talking to you at every reunion. I’m coming to Cheyenne for a family reunion on July 2 and 3. Any chance we could meet up…Perhaps with Jo as well and other Denver or Cheyennites before or after that? xoxoxo Judy


  2. Anton Wills-Eve

    at last Judy, a subject on which we appear to have differing views! If you read my post on this today you’ll never want to visit my house. Thank heavens it’s only a game. 🙂 Wouldn’t it be awful if we were all the same. Cheers. Anton



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