How I spent my Xmas vacation!  The heat is on to finish before Xmas Eve as my sister needs the counter for dinner preparation!!!



Almost done!

Last piece!!! So you can stop holding your breath.  Merry Xmas!!!!







12 thoughts on “Puzzled

  1. barbwit

    What a great puzzle. I love jigsaws, and have a 4×6 with a small edging under the sofa so I don’t have to clear away the half-made puzzle. One New Year we were visiting my ex and his family (doesn’t everyone?) and they were making a Wasgij – that’s jigsaw backwards. The picture on the box sets the scene and the characters, the puzzle makes the same but different; the one we were working on had a school cafeteria with kids eating, or reading or having a food fight, and the puzzle was of the same people at a reunion years later, all with the same characteristics. It was hilarious. Wasn’t any harder for me because I don’t look at the picture anyway. And my sister once made a puzzle on the back side because she was tired of doing it over and over. I haven’t done that yet, but I have a small round puzzle which is just a plate of baked beans. That’s a fun one.

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  2. rogershipp

    That looks like a great puzzle. When I was younger, there was always a puzzle on the table at my parents house in the winter season. It was great fun to pass it and fit the piece that everyone else had been looking for !

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ah yes. No greater satisfaction than filling in for a sibling’s inadequacy!!! It is an Xmas tradition between my sister and me. My parents were not games players. Their leisure time was consumed by reading!

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