Blankety Blank

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Blankety Blank

I’ve no one but myself to thank
for this prison cell so small and dank,
for when I went to rob that bank,
the truth is, if I’m being frank,
I was a doofus––a real wank.
In short, my planning really stank.
For when my gun I chanced to yank
to use against that man of rank
who challenged me as feckless crank,
my confident demeanor sank;
for I fear I drew a blank!




The prompt today was “Blank.”

9 thoughts on “Blankety Blank

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Was it called that? I remember one where people had to fill in the blanks but can’t remember the name. I think it was wildly popular and had a woman who turned the letters who was famous just for that.. and the clothes they adorned her in. Why can’t I remember the name? I never watched it, strangely enough..but I bought a house where they had a copy of the (Wheel of Fortune–just remembered it!) and when the woman spun the dial, they would also..Crazy. They were devoted fans but took their wheel with them when they moved northward.



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