The city lights are tempting–each theater and store,
but when my outer life is rich, my inner life’s a bore.
Do I want to create my life or should it create me?
And which is which?  I do not know. Which helps me most to be?
I guess I need a balance, but each choice is a trap.
While I think it over, perhaps I’ll have a nap.
Sometimes the truth is found in dreams. Perhaps that will work now.
But once the “what” occurs to me, I’ll have to dream the “how.”
I dream empty buildings and abandoned avenues,
stores filled with pretty dresses, refrigerators, shoes.
Wind through broken windows and grass through broken walks.
All those empty radios where no one ever talks.
While somewhere in the country, away from smog and fumes
those busy cities of the past are sealed away in rooms
writing morning pages and playing with their dogs,
recording things they used to do in their daily blogs.
If I don’t join the city, if I choose to be free,
perhaps the busy city will choose to come join me!



6 thoughts on “Entrapment

  1. Manja Mexi Movie

    Oh yes, please, tell it to the world and hope it listens. This is my favourite line:

    > But once the “what” occurs to me, I’ll have to dream the “how.”

    It reminds me of the answer that is 42 and how one little mostly harmless planet was build to provide the question. I don’t think it is doing so well.


  2. 49lilykatz

    Beautiful! You have a gift, please keep writing.. Today is the 4th month anniversary of my husband’s death, so thank you for sharing something to make me smile. Dona nobis pacem.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      So sorry about your husband. Mine passed away 15 years ago in September. Every month brings a different experience. A huge change in your life… to build on. I wrote a book on the experience and even writing the book brought a huge change..Thanks for encouraging me in my writing. That communication is a huge part of the blogging experience.



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