Mending Wall and Mending Pants!!!

I agree that “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, ” but fences, schmences.  Although the topic today is “Fences,” I think walls are close enough to fences–just a matter of material and “I have miles to go before I sleep” thanks to packing, purchasing, organizing  and copying things I need to take to the states on Wednesday, so taking the further risk of alluding to Robert Frost three times in three sentences, I am going to avail myself of a link to an old parody of “Mending Wall” (entitled “Mending Pants”) that I wrote 2.5 years ago before most of you had even heard of my blog.  I hope you enjoy it and approve the streeeeeetttttccchhhhh of the theme for today.  Guess you could call them stretch pants???

DSC09502 IMG_1447

Robert Frost seemed to have a thing about boundary markers.  “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors,” and “Mending Wall” are the most notable indicators of this.  Several years ago when I had only a few faithful followers, I wrote a parody on “Mending Wall” which I’d like to share with you again.  Judging from the likes, the faithful Angloswiss was my only present follower who read it and if some of you are like me, even if you read it two and a half years ago, you probably won’t remember it, so please indulge me and go here:
and I’ll get on with my packing, ordering, xeroxing and house ordering for my housesitter.  Only three days to go!

4 thoughts on “Mending Wall and Mending Pants!!!

  1. iseeiseesaidme

    Hi Judy, Wow, that is quite the hole, i am trying to place it on your grounds, but, no matter. I see you are away again, i will be in the Chapala zone for the month of August, and had thought of both returning your keys to the upstairs suite, and collecting my painting… not to mention a possible visit. It appears the visit is not a possibility, (i know not how long you will be away).. but if you could arrange with your house sitter that i will deliver keys and collect the painting… i would be most appreciative. All the best !


  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    A New England fence is made of stone, just so you know 🙂 And Robert Frost did not believe that “good fences make good neighbors.” He was quoting his thick-headed neighbor who kept saying that against all evidence to the contrary.

    Great fences in the long tradition of New England 🙂


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes… of course I know the irony of that poem and the ground swell crumbling them. In lieu of traveling to New England or publishing someone else’s photos, I made use of my own.. the bottom part of which actually is stone as well.


      1. Marilyn Armstrong

        When I first moved here, I was very confused about the fence/wall conundrum. To me, a fence was something wood or wire or both … but I have been corrected and not just once 🙂 I rather like our stone fences. They have a rough elegance and at least it gives us something to do with all those rocks. I like yours, too. You now form the very southern-most part of New England. Sort of.



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