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Layers: Tuesdays of Texture Week 36, Sep 12, 2017


I love the layers even within the layers in this photo snapped while driving by! Why were those bricks laid so unevenly? Was that why the stucco came off in this area? Did the jutting bricks mean there was less stucco and so it was weaker?

No accident ensued as a result of this shoot. If moving with no chance to pull over, I take a fast glance, then avert eyes back to my driving as I hold the camera up at eye level on the side of my head and and click away, then later crop. Some shots just can’t be missed.  Luckily, there was no traffic behind me when I saw this potential shot, so I was able to stop and click it out of the car window.

Uncropped, unlevelled. Drive-by Shooting.


Mending Wall and Mending Pants!!!

I agree that “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, ” but fences, schmences.  Although the topic today is “Fences,” I think walls are close enough to fences–just a matter of material and “I have miles to go before I sleep” thanks to packing, purchasing, organizing  and copying things I need to take to the states on Wednesday, so taking the further risk of alluding to Robert Frost three times in three sentences, I am going to avail myself of a link to an old parody of “Mending Wall” (entitled “Mending Pants”) that I wrote 2.5 years ago before most of you had even heard of my blog.  I hope you enjoy it and approve the streeeeeetttttccchhhhh of the theme for today.  Guess you could call them stretch pants???

DSC09502 IMG_1447

Robert Frost seemed to have a thing about boundary markers.  “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors,” and “Mending Wall” are the most notable indicators of this.  Several years ago when I had only a few faithful followers, I wrote a parody on “Mending Wall” which I’d like to share with you again.  Judging from the likes, the faithful Angloswiss was my only present follower who read it and if some of you are like me, even if you read it two and a half years ago, you probably won’t remember it, so please indulge me and go here:
and I’ll get on with my packing, ordering, xeroxing and house ordering for my housesitter.  Only three days to go!


Brick and Stone

Brick and StoneIMG_9666IMG_3523IMG_9339IMG_3526IMG_8562 (1)IMG_7818IMG_7685IMG_3528Version 2DSC08083DSC08085DSC09872 - Version 3DSC07053DSC07064DSC07065

Version 2 DSC08073
Mexico is brick and stone.  Everywhere you look:  cobblestoned roads, stone paver roads, stone walls, brick walls, stone sidewalks–you name it, we have it.