Cherry on Top: WordPress Weekly Photo Prompt

The intent of the prompt is to publish a photo of something that tops off an experience and makes it special.  It doesn’t have to specifically be a cherry.


These little guys were definitely the icing on the cake when they arrived to visit a few days after I celebrated my birthday in Sheridan, Wyoming.  They came to visit their grandmother, one of my best and oldest friends, but because I live in Mexico and they don’t live in the town where I visit her and my sister most years, I’d never met them before. They came running in and said, “Our dad says you are his godmother.  Does that mean you are our great godmother?”  I said, “No, that makes me your ‘fairly’ godmother.”  And it went on from there. They are adorable and smart as you can probably see from this photo.  The one on the right was getting a buzz haircut from his dad when his dad decided it looked cool to leave a little ducktail in front, and I think he was right. It is adorable. At one point, the last day they were in Sheridan, we all went to the Holiday Inn for breakfast. There was a wishing pool and after the boys threw in their money, Ducktail came and reported he’d gotten his wish. He told us what it was and I said, “Well, that was my wish, too!”  He looked at me quizzically and said, “Oh, did you wish that you were younger?” Ha. Think he missed the part about our wishes being the same.

This is what the icing on my birthday cake looked like:


The photo that is here rendered in frosting was of me blowing out the candles on my birthday cake at age three.                                                                                                jdbphoto



And here it is three days later. Yech! Glad I have aged a bit better. The cake has fewer wrinkles but at least I haven’t turned green and broken out in boils!!                   jdbphoto

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