Selfies in Seattle Challenge

I am meeting a challenge to post a selfie..and wondering if I’ll be brave enough to post one I don’t like.  Okay, off to the hunt.  Brb.

IMG_0779-1 (1)
Not a selfie and not taken in Seattle, but a zippy title, no?  This is a shot someone took of me at my all-school reunion a week ago. Why is it that it is that the lips that get thinner  with age and not the hips or arms?

Okay, now I challenge all of you to post a photo taken within the past few weeks. You can call it a selfie even if you don’t have one of those arm-extension dealies or a tripod and timed-release camera.  It is a selfie if it is of yourself only, no matter who took it–taken within the past two weeks. Please link to my page via the comments so I can see that you’ve answered the challenge.

This post was done in honor of the glittering one.  See her selfie here:

14 thoughts on “Selfies in Seattle Challenge

    1. lifelessons Post author

      No way I would ever do Botox. I hate needles and it always looks fake to me..They’ll just always have to love me for my sterling wit and good cooking!! Or in lieu of that..just because they are hard up!!


  1. InfiniteZip

    I absolutely adore this my friend and shall reblog it so that the world can see what a beautiful smile can ignite. I’m glad you took me up on the challenge, I feel brave and happy and those lips are beautiful just the way they are. I adore you and you’ve made my day perfect. Peace and big smiles, oh this world is an amazing place and with people like you, priceless indeed!😀

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  2. InfiniteZip

    Reblogged this on Peace, love and patchouli and commented:
    I guess we are now officially on a roll. Smiles of the world, unite in happy playful goodness. Judy has made my day and I honor her here, and her beautiful smile, because we are all beautiful people and smiles rock!! Thanks Judy and come on people, show off those amazing smiles to ignite some joy. Thank you Judy, OMG….I’m smiling too big…a good joy indeed.


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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Why don’t you give me what my grandmother always asked for when asked what kind of pie she wanted at Thanksgiving? “A little of each.” Do as you wish.. but it would be fun to have a bad selfie and a good one. In return, I’ll publish a really bad one as well. The prompt was confusing. Thanks for sticking in there!

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