Toadie Came a Courtin’: Thursday Doors, Aug 11, 2016

IMG_3182I don’t know how this little guy got inside my locked screen door and three feet up on the crossbar, but he did.  The space between the screen door and the glass door seems too small for him to have been able to jump up. This is the third tiny toad like this that i’ve found on the crossbars of slider screens or doors.  They are exactly the color of the paint, so must feel hidden and safe.  Hope they are catching flies!  I relocated him to a planter box as this door is used too much for him to be safe and the kitty lurked just a few feet away. The ledge he was on was 1/2 inch deep, so I’m sure he couldn’t be over an inch long.  Tiny little guy.

And, so you can get an idea of scale and also because this posting is supposed to be about doors, after all, here is an inside and outside shot of the screen door that was his resting place as well as the planter with rosemary plant that I relocated him to:

You can click on the first picture if you want larger views.


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