Complicated by Nature

Complicated by Nature

I find my mind keeps spinning until my brain grows weary
ever since I foolishly googled “chaos theory.”

While fatalists declare the world caught up in its rut,
the chaos theorists have theories I cannot rebut

wherein each thing duplicated differs from the last
because of other factors than the mold from which they’re cast.

And suddenly I have excuses for each thing I do.
Why my cake has fallen, and why my bras turned blue

the last time that I washed them the detergent was the same,
and yet something perhaps had changed–chaos theory is to blame!!!

Each snowflake varies from last, each flower is unique.
It seems that our creator demands a bit of tweak

in everything created. Chaos affects  everything.
I guess that Mother Nature wants to keep it interesting!!!

16 thoughts on “Complicated by Nature

  1. Olga

    The butterfly effect. Interesting theory. One little change can eventually have great consequences. Reminds me of why time travelers follow the prime directive. There’s another aspect also; that just the factor that there is an observer of an event, it changes the event. Maybe someone else was in the room when your cake fell. Ha ha!

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  4. Christine Goodnough

    I don’t know about a chaos theory, but I definitely see individualism at work in nature as well as in outcomes. But thankfully there are still a lot of predictables, or all our clothes would be turning out “unexpectedly colorful.” 🙂



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