Carrying On

IMG_7786 (1)
Carrying On

Were they carrying? That’s the buzz.
Was she carrying? Likely was.
In nine months we’ll know for sure,
but we’ll never know if the brothers were.

He carried the play. His voice carried well.
The truth of it they’re sure to tell
as the paper carrier carries the news––
the comics, headlines, play reviews.

Three into ten and carry one.
In long division, that’s half the fun.
Carry on and carry through,
for no one else will carry you.

Those cutter ants you love to hate
can carry 100 times their weight.
We pack 30 pounds in carry-on cases,
carry-out burgers from carry-out places.

Half our lives we carry on.
Then when we are dead and gone,
removed from all this carrying fuss,
what friends are left will carry us.


It is probably obvious that the prompt word today was “Carry.”

16 thoughts on “Carrying On

  1. sanjuan831

    Good one! One of my sons brought marigold seeds back from Mexico on one if his many trips there and we have some growing here in CA. Cheery flowers.

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  2. Mary Francis McNinch

    Did you take the photo Judy? The plants have been cared for. The date is 1966. It looks like the candle has been burned. There is no name that I can see. I think it’s an interesting picture. I like the poem too, but I’m really intrigued by the photo.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes I take all of my own photos. I erased the name on the gravestone..for privacy sake. These were three graves horribly neglected.. totally grown over with bushes and trees and plants with dozens of years of trash from other graves piled inside. You couldn’t even see the gravestones. The plot was fenced in by iron fences falling in a bit and surrounded by the gorgeous displays of other graves, so I hired men to clear the graves and went and dug up agave plants from my yard and bought flowers, candles, beer, food and other Day of the Dead necessities and swept off the marble slabs, planted plants , lit candles and decorated the graves. I haven’t been back since but intend to go back this Nov. 1 to do some more work and decorating. The date of death I could make out was 1966. They were an American couple and either their son or her sister who died here and with no relatives remaining, no one had cared for the graves..


      1. lifelessons Post author

        I loved being there with all the families making the graves of their loved ones beautiful. A huge holiday here..and now these three if not remembered are at least not too out of sync with their surroundings.

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    2. lifelessons Post author

      Oops.. I told the story of the grave but don’t think it sent. I’m on my phone now and about out of megabytes but I’ll write the story again and send it to you. Yes I take all the photos in my blog with the exception of one or two where it was noted.

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  3. lifelessons Post author

    Oh good.. it did send. Perhaps Forgottenman can find an earlier posting I did of these graves and the pictorial of the cleanup and publish a link here??? Can’t afford the megabytes myself.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      You hit the nail of the head.. Almost always I just go where the poem carries me! I love it when you go on one of your reading marathons, Manja. I almost always forget a poem the minute I write it so you carry me backwards through my writing.. along with you as you go there! And I’m always immensely flattered that you stick with it.

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