Two Poems from a Night with No Moon

Two Poems from a Night with No Moon

I wrote these poems two years ago, but I had forgotten them, so perhaps even  if you read them then, you have forgotten them, too.

This Night is Broken

With all of its sounds
spilled out,
someone else’s sounds
echo around it.

The space inside of it
is broken, too.
Only the constant rain
seeks to fill it.

DSCF1981 - Version 4 – Version 11

Falling Practice

Twice on the stairs last week
and once in the kitchen—
lately, these falls
have been coming in threes.

Tonight in the moonless dark, I tripped
over the low metal bench beside the hot tub.
Then a loud bang sent me searching
to find the heavy husk fallen from the palm tree.

I do not venture out alone again,
but sit on the patio
in the light of my laptop,
hoping to escape the third fall.

Your face on the screen turns green
from the reflection of the string
of Chinese lanterns
as we succumb to hard truths.

I fell in love with you so quickly,
but even all these falls
have not taught me how
to fall out of love with you.


The Prompt today was “Moon



6 thoughts on “Two Poems from a Night with No Moon

  1. joanneeddy

    Judy, I found at first more of a resonance with Falling Lessons but then on my second reading I played with the two poems together…Moon as symbolic of lovers, now empty, filling with rain…tears…. as the hurt of falling out of love empties a heart. Lovely work. Jo



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