Milkweed Blossom: Flower of the Day, Aug 21, 2016

Milkweed Blossom

Version 3jdb photo

I’ve seen milkweed pods but never the blossoms until my friend Betty invited me into her back yard to see the Monarch butterfly caterpillars feasting on the leaves of the milkweed she planted for that very purpose.  I’m crazy about the blossoms and got some of her seed to launch my own hatchery. Yes, I got photos of the caterpillars  which I’ll publish another day.  Don’t want to detract attention from these beautiful and unique blooms today.

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16 thoughts on “Milkweed Blossom: Flower of the Day, Aug 21, 2016

  1. Anonymous

    We put the small plant with a caterpillar on it in a pot and into a large see through plastic box with a screen protection on top. The little guy has climbed off the plant and is hanging on the green screen. Maybe getting ready to make a cocoon?

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  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    I’ve been trying to grow the milkweed for a few years but each year, something happens and they don’t grow. This year, it was those gypsy moth caterpillars and a drought. I’m going to try again next year. Maybe I’ll finally get them to take root. Great picture!!

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  3. phoartetry

    My neighbor and I have milkweeds in our gardens also, but they have pink and white blooms. We collect the tiny white Monarch butterfliy eggs and bring them indoors to hatch and raise. Last year we released 180 butterflies. This year so far 98 Monarchs fluttered from our hands.

    It is wonderful to know you’re helping the Monarchs to reproduce. I wish more people would plant milkweed in their gardens. I hope your seeds will germinate and produce many generations of Monarchs.

    👍 Connie

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Wow..I’ve read that it is important not to plant milkweed that brings them off their traditional courses, but I need to check it out. Since I live across the lake from Michoacan which is one of their big final destinations, hopefully it is no problem. (I believe I read this in Barbara Kingsolver’s book Flight Behavior which was about Monarch butterflies.)

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