Final Jeopardy


Final Jeopardy

I don’t feel in jeopardy, don’t feel in danger.
I feel as protected as sheep at a manger.
I’ve deadlocks and bolt locks and high walls and bars,
passwords on my iBook, alarms on my cars.
With insurance policies paid for a year
on my car, house and health, there’s no reason to fear.

Jeopardy lately is something I’m lacking.
My virus protection secures me from hacking.
And as I get older, with more things to fear,
I’ll invest in a cane and Depends for my rear.
Now nearly everything has a solution.
It seems a development in evolution.

Our hides are less tough but our hearts just beat stronger
when we replace them so we can live longer.
We can buy a new hip or replace a bad knee.
There’s only one problem that I can foresee.
Memory replacement is what they should do
so we could remember where we’re walking to!

The prompt today was jeopardize.


12 thoughts on “Final Jeopardy

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    It really helps to NEVER watch advertisements on TV! They are designed to make us buy things to protect ourselves from the dangers they make up to sell us stuff 🙂 I used to work in advertising. That really IS what they do. It isn’t just a rumor.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I can’t believe how perfect that photo is for the prompt. Didn’t look for a photo until after I’d written the poem. Then it popped into my mind because I’d just mentioned it to you. Larry looks like a “keeper” doesn’t he? Like an assistant in some locked ward. You just look cute. And happy to be secured.

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  2. kurtislunz

    Haha, cool poem. I saw this old guy jogging the other day. He certainly looked very old. It was a jogging effort, but really it was more like a forward moonwalk (I don’t think his feet ever made it off he ground), and it was a very slow pace. I was motivated by his effort, but part of me wondered, “Does he really know what he’s doing, or is this just an alzheimer’s incident, and his muscle memory told him to go for a jog; meanwhile, his kids are driving around searching for the old fellow and when they find him they are going to scold him about he’s to old to jog and it’s too hot out.” ….Your part about the memory reminded me of that scene from my jog.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Some days I feel that way. Including today. I was in bed all morning with amoebas..painful and energy sapped. When I tried to get up besides being dizzy, it was such an effort to lift my feet enough not to stumble. Days like this make feeling normal an ecstatic experience!!



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