Facebook Sourpuss


Facebook Sourpuss

Most social network intercourse
has wholesale flattery at its source.
We put our data in their places—
our successes and our faces—
then have a moment of probation
waiting for the approbation
to come flooding back in force,
most of it as praise, of course.

Back and forth the discourse goes.
Pro or con, the talking  flows.
And in the main, the battery
of interchanges is flattery.
And the flaw in any compliment
is that it is only lent.
Whatever charm its giver may lack,
you’re expected  to give it back!


(The prompt today was “Disagree,”
and of course, this narrator isn’t me.
I just made up this ornery cuss
who sits alone and judges us!)

6 thoughts on “Facebook Sourpuss

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha. The majority of people read but don’t hit like or comment..If they keep reading, however, that’s still an indication that they like what they read. Do you look at your stats to see how many have viewed your stories?

      Liked by 1 person


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