Just Testing

Bloggers know this, but today I’m just reminding us all that best friends need not always be close at hand or even living in the same country. I’m leaving in a few hours to fly back to Mexico. My bags are packed and for the first time, although they are stuffed to the zippers, I’m leaving the U.S. with the same number of bags with which I left Mexico. What I’m not taking back with me are all the close friends and relatives who have made the rigors of traveling worth it. Prime among them is someone you’ve gotten to know a bit during these last few weeks of my trip. A bit of an agoraphobe, he has nonetheless not only paid host to me in his home but has also driven me through six states to visit other loved ones. I release him now, back to his computer and the grass that I am sure he’ll be mowing tomorrow.  Oh, and to Little Duck, for whom he has sole custody, while I merely have visiting rights. Although he goes by the name of okcforgottenman on his blog, he is far from forgotten.


Just Testing

If I were to choose from all the rest,
you are the one who’d ace the test.
You left your warm and comfy nest
to drive around at my behest.
I do not say it often, lest
you come to see me as a pest,
but though we tease and joke and jest,
you are the one I love the best.


The prompt word today was “test.”

8 thoughts on “Just Testing

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes. We’re sitting here now for a short while just outside security. Soon I’ll have to go but in the meantime I’m using the hotspot on his phone to connect my computer to..No free wifi in the St. Louis Airport. Imagine!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I think one day we should all have a reunion. Who would you invite? We each get to invite 5 bloggers we’ve ever met in person..Not that we each couldn’t think of many more–but just off the top of your head!


        1. lifelessons Post author

          I love double tasking and blogging while riding is a good example.
          Oops.. think I erased my message. I said I love double tasking and blogging while riding in a car is a good example.



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