Hitchhiking Ghost: JNW’s Halloween Challenge, Ghost


We almost stopped to pick up this hitchhiking apparition, but my driver lost his nerve at the last minute.  I was looking forward to the ghost stories, but oh, well.  Perhaps it got a ride with a sheetmetal truck or a sghoulbus!

Addendum:  Since posting this photo, all sorts of strange things have been happening.  First of all, after I put it on my desktop, when I tried to access it to reduce the size and use the color edit tool, I was told I didn’t have permission to view it and had to go through all sorts of rituals including rebooting to be get access.

Then, once in my media file and on my posted blog, suddenly WP would  let me view my post in edit mode only, and the permalink didn’t work.  Eventually, I got access to the URL by viewing it in Reader and copying the URL to send Jennifer a pingback.

Now I am sure that we did indeed pick up this hitchhiker who is residing in my MacBook Air.  I am hoping on November 2, she will again be on her way—doomed to wander the backroads of this world forever.  Don’t you love her shoulder pads and tiara???

JNW’s Halloween Challenge

11 thoughts on “Hitchhiking Ghost: JNW’s Halloween Challenge, Ghost

    1. lifelessons Post author

      What would the name be? Warrants a good original one. What was the name of the horror story we were talking about on Thursday–about the group of kids who go out to the woods to shoot a movie and all end up dead?

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