Little White Flower: Flower of the Day, Oct. 3, 2016


Innocuous, fragile and sparse.  I thought they were lovely close up.

6 thoughts on “Little White Flower: Flower of the Day, Oct. 3, 2016

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I was wondering if it was, since I know I photographed some, but I had so much to do today, I didn’t have time to check. Jamie, check this link out if you think a volcanic eruption is worse that a landslide. This happened nine years ago–most of this destruction within a block or two of my house.. The worst was one house away. Close call:

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      1. hirundine608

        HI Remi, worse? I suppose that’s all relative to location?

        Fifty miles away it’s maybe not such a big deal to you, locally? Do you get the dust from it? Or do the prevailing winds sweep them away? When Mt. St Helen’s blew in WA state. We were 800 miles away and it ruined both a summer and many people’s vehicles. Of course the Mt. St. Helens event was the buildup of a lava dome under the crust.

        I lived for many years in the B.C. region of West Kootenay’s.We used to get some vicious storms there too. While this event was some miles from us and not really the result of a storm. The end result of water rushing downhill can be felt and seen.

        This one though, also not directly affected. I drove through it there and remember quite well. Not the first and likely not the last?

        What I meant with my comment was how, if it is an active volcano? It has the potential for much devastation over a long period. And it would not be surprising to consider, the two events may be linked? You know, the ol’ when a butterfly flaps its wings , etc. It’s an electric universe. Cheers Jamie. BTW your event was nicely recorded and photoed. J.

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      2. lifelessons Post author

        Yes.. I suppose the eruption could have caused currents or put vapor into the air that turned into the supersaturated cloud. Whatever the Scientific facts, I get to turn the artist’s eye toward the whole event.

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