Morning Protein


Morning Protein

Each morning when I waken, I take a little pill;
but though it is to boost my health, today it made me ill.
Before I went to slumber, I poured a glass of Coke
so it would be there in the night if I began to choke.
I know it isn’t usual, but it works for me.
Somehow it works to clear my throat and leaves the passage free.

So when I took my pill this morning, feeling sort of hazy,
I didn’t go for water, but instead I was just lazy.
I lifted up the Coke cup, filled almost to the brim,
and only had a little sip before up to the rim
something solid floated that shouldn’t have been there.
I felt something that tickled––like very coarse stiff hair.

Later, I was glad I hadn’t taken bigger sips,
for as it was, just part of it made it past my lips.
I hurried to the bathroom and spit and spit and spit,
then emptied out the cup and didn’t look at it
as a big dead cockroach went swirling down the drain.
Will I drink without looking? No. Never again.

The prompt this morning was “Clumsy.”

8 thoughts on “Morning Protein

  1. hirundine608

    Hehehe … “instant karma”? Those things are so creepy!
    In my twenties I worked for Schweppes in London U.K. In the quality control lab. Schweppes had the license to make Pepsi. Coke’s biggest rival at the time. When testing for sugar. It had to be at about 43=45% and the acid content was off the charts. So it was never tested. The base of the refractometer, was made of cast iron. It was slowly being eaten away, by the acid content. Part of our job was to inspect the ullages … empties. A gross job that nobody really wanted to do. You should see what people stuff into them? Needless to say that, a whole raft of insects would be found … landlords keeping the empties outside for p/u. A good deal of small rodents also. I have drunk Pepsi a few times since then. Only from cans. Yet none for the last 20 years. It’s part of the reason you will never find me swilling beer from a bottle. Who knows what was in there last? Cheers Jamie.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Actually, to be truthful, Jamie, it was a Diet Coke. What attracted that vermin was the wee bit of Anejo rum I had put inside–just for the flavor, you understand. I know. What kind of person takes her morning medication with leftover rum and Coke?


      1. hirundine608

        “Diet” Coke? You’d be better off with regular. Aspartame is deadly. This is one link on first page of asking google. I think Stevia is grown in Mexico? Personally, I don’t like it but it works for some. I just stay clear of sugar as much as I can. Pop, candy, condiments, junk food and foods made in a factory. Always read the labels. Check sodium and sugar content. Sodium without Magnesium is really bad too. Most processed salt, has magnesium removed. Our bodies need salt. About 1/2 tsp a day. I try to keep it to about 1/4tsp. Yet if I go over from time to time … no biggie. Our bodies need fat. Our brain is made of cholesterol. I’m apologizing for seeming to lecture. Best wishes, if you want to ask me? Go ahead. I’m not a “nutbar”. Cheers Jamie.


  2. Peggy Bilbro

    Yuck!!!! I frequently take a drink of water in the dark of night when I get up for a bathroom run. Now I will be thinking of this everytime! Maybe I need a sippy cup. 😊

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Oh April!!! I didn’t think I could be outgrossed on this one!! In Mexico they eat fried grasshoppers which is a loooooong step up from fried roaches. Huh uh!!!! I don’t even like them stewed.

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