Clumsy II


Since the first poem I posted today was really more about laziness than clumsiness, I’m posting another one about genuine physical clumsiness.  It is borrowed from an old Smiley Burnett skit. All these years later, and although I’ve grown to hate limericks, I’ve never forgotten this one. I guess we’ll forgive him for repeating a rhyme, since it is used in two connotations.

There once was a feller named Hall
Who fell in the spring in the fall.
‘Twould have been a sad thing
If he’d died in the spring,
But he didn’t, he died in the fall.

Thd prompt word today was “Clumsy.”


4 thoughts on “Clumsy II

  1. hirundine608

    Remi, I think we all struggle with weight as we age and our bodies require less. I just don’t believe in pills, truth be told. I have to take some. That’s it, i’m not going to take more. Death? Death does not scare, although quality of life is a bigger issue for me. We all make our choices. Seriously? If you’re drinking soft drinks like Coke? You have to cut them out. Try Sparkling water or even Soda water? I like water, yet use a filtration to cut out all the yuck like Chlorine. As well, perhaps give “vegetarian diet” a go”? The growth hormones in chickens in Mexico is well documented. I stay clear of all “meats”. I allow some fish, then again our oceans are so heavily polluted. We need to be careful. Walk your dogs, walk as much as you can. Be sensible with diet. Food is medicine. Then we will all enjoy your friendship, artwork and poetry, that much longer. Cheers Jamie.



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