Other People’s Children


Other People’s Children

Rowdy jostlers—twisters, hoppers.
Shouting loudly, upsetting shoppers,
they run up aisles and spar with hangers.
Turn shopping cart races into bangers.

They bark our shins, assault our ears,
yet no one stops these mannerless dears;
for the behavior others find so irksome,
the parents merely view as quirksome.

The prompt word today was “irksome.”

11 thoughts on “Other People’s Children

  1. sanjuan831

    This is so true and funny also. I remember being so embarrassed going to stores sometimes with my three kids and just leaving. They learned lots of lessons with me though(& with my husband!). What stories we all have to tell about our kiddies.

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      1. hirundine608

        True enough, Remi. About a month ago, I had that conversation with him. I asked him why he was good for me but not so much for his mother? He replied, “well, I respected you. I didn’t really respect her”. Which surprised me. Though it explained a lot. Cheers Jamie


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