Feeling Vegetal

The prompt word today was “Vegetal.” I’m setting up the Feria booth so this has to be quick:

Vegetal: of or relating to that pole of the ovum or embryo that contains the less active cytoplasm, and frequently most of the yolk, in the early stages of development. “vegetal cells”

Feeling Vegetal
You’re talking about ovum, embryo and yolk?
This early in the morning? I think that it’s a joke.
I thought that I’d collected every word to do my bidding,
but I’ve never heard this word before. Vegetal? You’re kidding.
Biology was never my favorite class in college,
so I guess it must have sort of limited my knowledge.
But now I know that vegetal means relating to plants,
I’m sure I’ll use it widely—every time I have the chance.
My grocery cart? Most vegetal, now that I’m on a diet.
My garden very vegetal, I see as I walk by it.
And if I get lazy, just sitting on my bum,
I’ll say “I’m feeling vegetal” to all my friends who come
to pull me out to walk or dance or just exit my door.
“Vegetal” is a handy word. Have you any more?


13 thoughts on “Feeling Vegetal

  1. Christine Goodnough

    I had to look up vegetal and found the first definition given is vegetable. So no wonder I haven’t ever used today’s word, when the other is vastly more common.
    But since you’re wishing for new words, maybe you can use tenebrous. 🙂
    (I wouldn’t be surprised if you already have this one in your Spanish vocab. Tenebres — shadows or mukiness was a common word in French.)

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Darn. My reply to your comment didn’t get posted. In it I admitted that I have never read or heard the word tenebrous used and that I am delighted to know it. I will I’m sure use it in a poem soon and pretend I’ve always known it but you and I will know the truth and I hope you feel pride in educating me to its usage.

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      1. Christine Goodnough

        I was reading an old English mystery this evening and came across the word extravasated. I hadn’t a clue. My dear hubby IS the dictionary 🙂 —and he hadn’t a clue either. So if you want a really unique word…

        According to M-W, extravasate means to force out or cause to escape from a proper vessel or channel As a fireman’s hose bursting or blood pumped out from an artery. The story line was about the fellow’s clothes being stiff with extravasated blood.


  2. Anton Wills-Eve

    Judy, regarding ‘tenebrous’ I have used the word ‘Tenebrae’ quite often since I was about eiight. It is the corect name for the Maunday Thursday all night vigill service usually observed on a rota basis and is basically a mixture of prayer, meditation and preparation for Good Friday. Surely it would be celebrated in the larger churches in Mexico? Anton

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