Filthy little urchin, dirty little boy—
who could tell from looking that you’d be such a joy?
We never would have chosen you by following our nose,
but when we scraped the dirt off and laundered all your clothes,
we recognized you as our own, devoid of dirt and grime,
and now that you are  family and with us all the time,
mud puddles still attract you. Dirt piles call your name.
But now it doesn’t matter. We love you all the same.

10 thoughts on “Recognition

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Oh Chris. You are too kind. I’m on a bus traveling from Guad to PV. Passed Tequila 20 minutes ago. Most uncomfortable seats I’ve ever ridden on and the arm of my seat is broken to boot. Nice fellow travelers, though. The lady across the aisle gave me a cajeta cone as we waiting for the bus and just got into her bag to get a baby blanket to wad up behind my back. How I love Mexican friendliness!!!

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