Poor Timing


Senora! I’ve found more lights!  It looks promising.  I knew I had many more strands, but these look unfamiliar.


So I pulled them out of the bag and untangled them, and when I plugged them in?  Out of seven strands, only one worked!  I mined the errant strands for a few replacement bulbs and tossed them into the trash. Planned obsolescence?

Poor Timing

Whoever wrote this prompt today cannot have all the facts
If he thinks merely by wanting to, I can just relax!

Relaxing’s fine for those who have all their “to do’s” done,
but until the last one’s checked off, it’s not yet time for fun.
It’s true that life is not all work. There’s wisdom in each word.
But to rest prematurely is clearly just absurd.

I’ll paint the window frame and then put up Christmas lights.
Then unpack nacimientos–those Mexican delights.
I’ll hide the suitcase of old clothes I’ve been meaning to sell,
then close the guest room closet–best described as hoarding Hell!

Clothes of every era. Clothes of every size.
If you are into “retro,” you’d find it quite the prize.
Then hang up all the pictures and replace all the art
that’s been consigned to the upstairs since my remodel’s start.

We’ve wiped and swept and blown and washed ’til all the dust is gone,
but now must put away the stuff all the dust was on!
Two days from now, houseguests arrive. ‘Til then my life is taxing,
It’s when they finally get here that I’ll have time for relaxing!




The prompt today is “relax.”

5 thoughts on “Poor Timing

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I don’t feel stressed though, Marilyn. At this point it is fun. Driving home today I remembered how much I used to love getting everything ready for my sister to visit with her kids and husband when I was little.. I loved getting the house all perfect, etc. and waiting for them to come. I still feel that way with company. Love getting ready for them. The house is starting to look pretty..Tree up. Juan Pablo, Y’s son, came to help me string lights around kitchen tonight. Nacimientos up and lights stung through, Creche with candles..Need to go paint another layer on the window frame in bathroom. puttering, puttering.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I intend to, Roger. Thanks for the encouragement. These gals have been friends for so long that it is like being with myself. Know what I mean? Only reason I’m fussing is because I want to create a surprise for them–not because they expect it.

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