Southern Exposure

dsc07117Southern Exposure

Although my north end’s fully cloaked,
when rain clouds come,  my south gets soaked.
I guess the fault is really mine.
The raincoat that I bought, size nine,
that I insisted would fit fine,
combined with excess when I dine
means that though it swathes my seat,
the buttons in the front don’t meet
the holes they’re meant to go into
no matter what my fingers do.
That’s why my front side’s sorta soggy
when the weather ends up foggy.
If you approach me from the back,
I swear, you won’t see any lack.
You’ll only see my dripping clothes
If we meet up nose-to-nose
I just can’t get myself together
to protect myself in stormy weather.

The prompt word today is “exposure.”

11 thoughts on “Southern Exposure

  1. Christine Goodnough

    I really like this one — maybe because it sounds so familiar. Wasn’t it Shakespeare that said, Vanity, thy name is woman”?
    I have an especially hard time because my shoulders are so narrow, but the rest of my…er…circumference…isn’t. So if I get something that fits loosely and and nicely buttons, the shoulders hang and my neck opening absorbs a lot of cold air or rain. Sigh.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Christine Goodnough

        Some people are really good with altering bought clothes — no matter from where. I sew all my own dresses, but am not really great even at altering them. The very best fit for me is a dress with a yoke and gathers, or “peasant” style blouse. And there’s all those “pirate” patterns — lots of room there. 🙂


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