Spot Amnesia

Spot Amnesia

How can I sort the world out to when I was only ten?
I’ve taken my mind back there and come back here again.
Eleven I remember, and I also recall nine,
Grades one through four and six through twelve, I remember fine.
Why can’t I remember that year when I was ten?
I opened up an album to take me back again.
I see that I was chubby and had unfortunate hair.
Maybe that is reason enough to keep me out of there.
To live just in the present can block a lot of pain.
Sunny days are better without memories of rain.
Perhaps this digging in the past is something to be curbed,
and certain memories are not meant to be disturbed.
Whatever blocked my fifth year out will be allowed to die.
There’s wisdom in the adage to just let sleeping dogs lie.


The prompt word today is “ten.

11 thoughts on “Spot Amnesia

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Well, you should see me at 6 in the morning when Morrie cries to be let out. Still in a stupor from sleep, trying to rouse creaky bones, it takes a few minutes to even be able to walk, let alone make sense.

      Liked by 1 person

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