Devastation Station

IMG_0223 Devastation Station

Our beautiful world licks her wounds
and limps around us, twirling her skirts
to blow dry dust, then empties her wash water
in deluges that flush away even more.
Not content with the bounty she provides,
they gauge her skin and pick her scabs,
feeding her poison every day.

Rich men lauded for their tax-deductible charity, get richer
by purloining more of the earth’s bounties
that they call their own.
Super yachts and super models  
give testimony to their greatness,
obscuring lurid details
of their journeys to success.

Their trophy wives marry desolation,
then furnish it themselves ever after—
future alimony little enough reward
for the sale of life and dignity.
The social pages full of the same old story—
old men professing their virility
by photos taken with presidents and starlets.

They  reillustrate their own lives with
records of success on study walls,
like rich wallpaper obscuring scars
they’ve left around them in the world.
Hiding stories of devastation
the world keeps choosing
to reward them for.



The prompt word today was “devastation.”

7 thoughts on “Devastation Station

  1. Glenda Martin Roman

    Oh, Judy. You’ve done it again. Your view is devastatingly, painfully accurate. And for me, each adverb I used comes from my deep dread of the implications: these people’s deeds and lives are seen as heroic! Into what are we being led?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      We lead ourselves as well. Take care of yourself and support what you believe in by daily actions–all we can do short of voting right if they ever decide to impeach.



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